Is $290 to hang door reasonable?

cds22September 6, 2007

We are using a new handyman for a bunch of repairs, his prices for everything seemed fine. The only item that seemed pricey to me was that he wanted $200 to hang our door, which would include adding wood filler as the bottom hinge holes are screwed up from the existing door.

I have no idea what time/effort is involved in door hanging but this seemed kind of expensive and we were debating looking for someone else to take care of the door and having him do the rest of the job. What do you think?

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Hanging a door is pretty simple. But because I remodeled the entire house I had to install new construction doors. 11 of them. My guy charged me $50 for trim work, $50 for the door, & $50 to install. $150 total for each door. I buy the hardware and he installs too.(included in price). That's interior doors such as bedroom and closets.

Are you talking about an entrance door? In that case he charged me $500 for 2 of them.

So $290 is a lot. Just negotiate. Tell him $290 is too much and if you can give him $225 per door.

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Just all depends on the work and time involved to do the job properly. I hung a 3/0 solid door and charged $170 including material. Took three hours which included morticing for hinges, drilling holes for knob, some planing & sanding and application of a poly coat.

I might suggest asking him to do it on a time and material basis, you might save a few bucks and he should have no problem as he knows he is getting paid by the hour. Just establish the hourly rate prior.

Door installation estimates can be difficult as you never know what is involved until you get started. Chances are he estimated the worst possible senero and quoted that price.

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Thanks everyone - - I actually mis-typed a bit: the handyman wants $200 to hang the door, but that is LABOR-ONLY, I would still need to buy the door so my total cost would be around $290. The door would come with a pre-cut door-know hole and I would be painting it.

We have an existing crappy door there that needs repair to the door frame at the lower hinge area and refastening of the lower hinge, my thought was if I was paying for that repair (he quoted $55 per hour) maybe we should just put a nicer door in.

Its hard to find a hanyman in this town so I am a little scared to negotiate but I guess I need to try . . .

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You don't mention if the door is interior or exterior. You don't mention where you live. These will impact the price. Two hundred is not alot for the job here in NY.
When you keep the frame, you do not want a lock hole pre cut because it will not line up with the strike plate. The door needs to be hung first on the hinges and then the lock hole is cut. Otherwise you need to fill in all the old holes in the frames and cut new ones.

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Sorry, I should have given more detail. Its an interior door (28 by 80) and I live in Chicago (not as expensive as NY but not cheap either).

Thanks also for the tip about avoiding the pre-drilled door knob hole.

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I live in Long Island NY. I spent $300 to have an outer door professionally hung. Just my experience.

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