Making new patio furniture cushions - need advice! (with photo)

capcapiaApril 30, 2008

Hi! This is one of my first posts. I love this forum so much!

I recently purchased a new lake home and the owners left their patio furniture. The furniture is only a year old and in perfect condition. I would like to make new cushions for it as these are the original ones and not very comfy, plus the fabric has moved on the foam. I would really prefer to not have the 'boxed' kind of cushions and I want to use a much thicker foam. If I use thicker foam and then put batting over it, can I just sew covers without the piping (or whatever that is called)? Or will it look too homemade?

Also, this set is inside of a 3-season room and will never be outside, so can I also use a regular upholstery fabric?

I'm an experienced quilter but rarely have sewn anything else -- think this is too much to take on?

Any help and advice appreciated! Thank you!

Here is a photo of the set:

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Oh - one more question! The coach is rather long and unusually deep. Would it be better to split that cushion and make two? Or keep it as one?

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I think you can do everything you've pondered. If you eliminate the piping, the job will be even easier. This isn't terribly difficult construction, easier than some piecing 8^). I'm a quilter, too, BTW.


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Thanks Annie! I don't have the faintest idea how to do piping so glad it's not needed. haha Hopefully I can manage this. :) Guess the first hard part is finding the right kind of foam, but I found lots of suggestions while searching here.

You're right on piecing. I am doing paper piecing right now because of a difficult pattern I'm working on. It's kinda fun!


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DO NOT Use that stuff that Hancocks and some of the other stores have called NU FOAM!! That stuff isn't worth the gas it took me to go to the store and buy it,and i'm not the only one that feels this way.We discussed this last year here either on the quilting side of this board or the sewing side.

Within 3 months mine was flat,and i had to resort to using a pillow to set on.

Your best bet is to take your existing cushions to an upholstery shop and have them cut you new foam,and tell them how you want it cut,not square.They can kind of round your corners and shave some off to make them not square.

We have an upholstery outlet store here where i live.Check your phone book,you may have one nearby also.HTH

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Thanks Kathi!

I had searched the forum and found the discussions on Nu Foam and have no intention of going that route now! It seems to be what is available in my area, too. I found an upholstery supply shop about 30 miles away and am going to call them today. It would be great if they could actually cut the forms from my old ones -- they're an odd shape. At least the seat forms are.

Am so anxious to get this project started. I hate the fabric on these and want to have them looking pretty before our housewarming party!

Thanks again!

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Hi Carol,
You can do this! The first time I made cushions I was scared, but my DD (in college 12 years ago) bought 2 chairs and wanted cushions for them, and she was sure I could do it. I did!!!!
I bought the 4" green foam for the chair backs and the 5" green foam for the seats. I bought both from JoAnns and had no probelm with it. In fact I have a small mattress I made with the green foam (NOT Nu Foam) and it has held up very well. Grandson likes to sleep on it.
We have a place here in MIchigan called THE FOAM FACTORY, that is all they sell. If you bring in your slip covers they will cut the foam to fit and stuff it for you. YOu should do a search for something like that in your area. Probably would be cheaper than an upholstery shop. I believe they ship too.
Here is a trick for stuffing foam into slipcovers. Place the foam in a dry cleaners plastic bag (or cheap garbage bag), pull slipcover over the cushion, then tear out the bag from inside! Makes it so much easier.
Kathy G in MI

Here is a link that might be useful: The Foam Factory

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Besides foam, you might want to put a layer of batting around the foam to help soften the cushion. Using the spray (not the glue) but the type they use when just holding two pieces of material together while embroidery, etc. may help in holding the batting and cushion together.

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