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berainMarch 21, 2004

I posted this on the KT as well... hope you don't mind me repeating it here...

A little background first... I work for a major law firm (8th largest in the US) and there's a large firm meeting coming up in April. As part of their Continuing Legal Education department - guess who gets to go?!

Anyway - there's a black tie dinner on Saturday night and I just found out that I'm expected to attend.

I haven't been to a black tie event since I was 9 years old and attended a dinner/show/dancing event where the entertainment was Guy Lombardo!

So, I have some questions and need some advice.

1) I have a knee length dark navy blue dress - jewel neck, short sleeves... is this appropriate for black tie? I've worn it to weddings and my father's funeral. I'd wear dark stockings and navy slingback heels.

2) I've got some pretty sterling chandelier earrings - hoping to maybe find a necklace to match/coordinate...

3) Or perhaps an elegant scarf to accessorize...

4) Wondering if I should wear my hair up or down...

So - to assist in the advice - I've got a simple webpage to look at...

Feel free to critique - or whatever... I'm looking to make a good impression as I'll be demonstrating a new third party software system during this 4-day event too. Need to sell the upper management and partners that their money will be well spent.

Thanks all for any advice.


(Is March 21st too early to get nervous!?)

P.S. - if you're really bored... feel free to browse the rest of my website at

Here is a link that might be useful: All Lawyer Meeting 2004

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Wow Barbara, fashion advice? I was just going to suggest you take a break/vacation on the other thread where you have way too much going on at once. (Been there, done that now I take time to regroup even if it's just a day or even a few hours it's the only way to hold on to a little bit of sanity!) I think you are getting some good advice over on the KT (I lurk there sometimes!) Do you have any resale stores in your area? I would check them for a new to you outfit for the black tie dinner. I like the jewelry you have chosen. I can't give you any more advice than that. I spend lots of time gardening and digging in the dirt at home and at work I only wear jeans.

P.S. Practice your presentation a few times on your friends and family then it will go much smoother in front of the lawyers. Don't stress you are going to have a new adventure and have fun!

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Your dress sounds fine for the business presentation part.

I think you need to take this opportunity and go shopping. The black tie event is at the end and is a big fancy smancy party! Think like proms, guys in tuxes, women in sparkly flowing gowns.

Is there any pictures of previous conferences, to guage what the women wore?

I think second hand shops, even online catalogues, like Chadwicks, carry reasonable evening wear. Get a flowy skirt with a sparkly top. I think hair up is always sooo sophisticated. You look good both ways.

What an honor! Good luck and go shopping to treat yourself.

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Walks! Everyone... Just found a pretty skirt/top ensemble on Ebay - so I've placed a bit and am keeping my fingers crossed! I just fell in love with it! I'm excited - I hope I get it!

So if I do - I'll have to rethink the jewelry idea. I now agree that the blue dress is fine for a business dinner earlier in the week... or even to wear during the meetings... but this dress - WOW!

What do you think?


Here is a link that might be useful: Item I'm bidding on...

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Exactly! It fits the bill and you. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Wear your hair up, simple earrings, and you will be absolutely stunning.

Can you borrow any jewerly?

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If I do get the dress, I have some simple ruby jewelry...maybe my sister-in-law has something in her safe!!

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I'm no fashion expert but if you get that dress on ebay, you can't miss Barbara...with your red hair and the color mixture you will look great...count on it.

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Tinmantu... you're making me blush!

BTW - I wont the auction!

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Carrie B

Woohoo! Congratulations. Will you post a picture of you in full black-tie (red-dress) get up?

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Congratulations Barbara! Just got home from work and this was an exciting thread to read. Glad you got the dress.


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Glad to see you got the winning bid, Barbara...don't forget to post a pic of you modelling it on your website!...sorry I made you blush....naaaa, no I'm not....blushing is good

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