Touch & Sew 620 timing problem

kathieloApril 1, 2009

Hi everyone, hope you can offer some suggestions for my Touch & Sew 620 problem. The timing keeping going out. Here is the history:

Oct. 2008 - I was trying to edge a very fine piece of fabric like chiffon but just couldn't get it right. A friend suggested I try putting in rubber feed dogs. Not being one to mess with my machine, I thought it sounded like a simple project and I would try. So I took out the metal fed dogs just to see how hard it would be. Easy I put them back in until I could order the rubber ones. Never did...but ever since then the machiine started to skip stitches. I took it to out local VacWay for repairs in Dec.

Here is what they did:

reset needle bar

adjust feed dog timing

adjust hood timing

It has never worked well since. I had it back four times and each time the guy would adjust the timing.

I'd only get about an hour out of it and it would be off again. I find that it will not sew over thicker seams without going out of time. I was sewing doll clothes for my granddaughter. A piece of stretch denium was the first culprit. The thicker seam would not go through the needle..the needle would just sew in the same place. then it was out of time, I could hear the needle hitting on the bobbin or something underneath. Back to the shop.

Reset. Now I am sewing on T shirt fabric and the machine will not start at the end of the seam. This fabric is not that heavy for it not to handle it. It just again would not go through. And again, it is out of time. This time it won't even pick up the bobbin thread.

So I'm convinced that I may have messed it up taking the feed dogs out. Even though the guy adjusted the feed dog timing it just won't work for double seams. Is there something I can do myself or do I have to take it back to the shop? This is why I never tinkered with my machines in the past.

Oh, and the worse thing is...I pulled out my Athena which I haven't used in over a yr. and lo and behold it too skips stitches. It never fails. Whenever I have projects to complete something goes wrong.

Thanks for listening to my sad story. Anyone have any suggestions.

I think I may have to try another repair shop and pay another $100 to have it fixed. Hope not. Kathie

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I am going to assume that you are using good needles, a fresh new needle, a jeans needle for heavy denim, have inserted the needle correctly and pushed all the way up.

If the above is true. I think you need to find another repair person, someone with Singer factory training, an old timer.

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Was the bobbin case taken out or anything? If something is hitting that could be the reason. Like debs3 says, try another repair place and explain all your past problems. Something is certainly out of whack for you to keep having this happening time after time.

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debs3, yes, all those suggestions were tried and budster, the whole bobbin case was not removed, but the top part of the metal case is removable for cleaning, which I did at some point in the process.

Anyway, I called the guy at VacWay and complained,and explained, he said he would take another look at charge. So it is back there today. Last chance!!

Thanks for your suggestions. Kathie

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I know you can remove the top part of the bobbin case, mine is tricky to get back in and I was just wondering if you had it all lined up or if you'd gone further in your general cleaning of that area. I sure hope you get an answer as to what is causing this continuous problem. T&S are such good workers it is a pain to hear of one giving grief. Fingers crossed you have luck -- please let us know here how it goes. Budster

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Here's the update. Budster, I really haven't bothered the bobbin casse since the machine was in for repairs and adjustments, etc.

But anyway, I have it back now and the problem was the wrong gears were installed by another repair shop about two yrs. ago. They were beveled at the edges and according to this guy, they were the wrong gears. So he installed the original singer gears (only two as the others were working properly) and hopefully corrected the problem. He said the gears were not meshing and were slipping when I tried to sew thicker seams, consequently throwing the machine out of time.

Now if he had only checked the gears on the second or third visit it would have saved me time, gas and aggrevation. But he only charged me half price since I aready paid him for a repair that didn't work.

Now the machine is working but it is very very loud. I remember the last time the gears were replaced it was loud. Hope it will quiet down after a breaking in period or I'll be down to VacWay again.

Thanks for your interest. Kathie

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think it is louder. It happened to me once and the casing on the machine was "off" base so to speak. I'd phone and ask the guy how come the machine is so loud. Make mention of it now just incase something else is a problem. If it still seems loud in a few days go back...yah I know, gas, etc. but getting it fixed now will cause you less problems later. At least you are building a relationship with the repair people. (If someone asks your opinion you can tell them about the first place). I know, I know -- what a pain but it happens to all of us. Fingers crossed you will be stitching quietly in no time. Thanks for the update.

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