Patches for 'cloth' shopping bags?

LibbyLizApril 1, 2009

I have a reusable shopping bag that's in need of repair, but I don't want to sew it & have the zigzag stitches showing, even if the thread is the same color as the bag.

And I don't want a line of Shoe Goo or whatnot, even if on the inside of the bag.

The bag isn't one of those nice canvas types. It has a very slight shine to it. It's like what WalMart sells.

So I doubt I can use an iron-on patch. I'm afraid to try because I don't want to melt the bag.

There are stick-on patches for nylon material, like the exercise pants, right?

Or is there another kind of stick-on patch that would be better for the bag material?

And will they stay put?

Thanks in advance!

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OK, the first bag I picked up said 100% poly is what it's made of. I'm going to guess that's what the others are too.

Is that iron-on safe?

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Your iron should have a polyester setting. Find a spot on the bag, maybe an inside seam allowance or the inside of one of the straps to test your iron on the polyester or low setting. Use the just the tip of the iron in case it does do some damage so it won't be a large area. If no damage, it's safe to iron on your patch. You can also use a pressing cloth or a tea towel, or a piece of scrap cotton to place over the patch and bag while pressing. That's what I would do. Hopefully you will get more suggestions from others.

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I'm sorry I didn't say what the iron-on package dictates; use wool setting. :-\ eek

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You don't want the outside looking like it's repaired? I'd use duct tape on the inside then. It's a solution anyway. Just a thought

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I'd just go and get another one they are so cheap now IMHO

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Duct tape! I might not have ever thought of that on my own. Thanks!

I only buy bags that don't have store names on them. I'm just picky that way. And I forget where I bought it.

After they all start falling apart I may end up just making some of my own.

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One of the ladies on another forum did not like the "questionable" advertising on one of her bags so she made a quilt square to fit the area in question and just sewed that to the front.....gave the bag a whole new look. I think she used old blue jeans in various shades and her "old-new" bag looked fabulous. It's a thought anyway!

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Good thought budster!!

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All good ideas, and I'm waving to Budster!! Been missing you girl!!

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If you really want to be "green", don't use those poly bags. They're made of non-woven polypropylene - same base poly that's used to make the plastic bag shopping bags. Yes - they're re-usable, but when they have to be replaced, the old one goes into the garbage. It's not recyclable.
Best bet is to make/purchase bags made of natural fabrics. Burlap is one of the best. It's strong, durable and REALLY green. When the bag can't be used anymore - just toss it in your compost, or use it as mulch in your garden. It will break down & go back into the earth where it came from.

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I second the duct tape. I've already done it and it works great.

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One of the many Hardware stores in our area sells Screen repair characters. They are basically a little cartoonish figure, like a butterfly, that comes in identical sets of two. The first one goes on the outside of your screen door over the hole in the screen and the second sticks to the first on the inside of the door. Perhaps you could buy or make something similar out of denim or other material and sew it over the hole in your bag. Get real creative and you've got a fashion bag.

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That's interesting about what they're made of. I had no idea. I have a pattern I found online that's supposedly identical in size & I have leftover canvas & duck from heavy duty aprons.

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