Red Flags going up..Now what???

cabindreamer72February 25, 2008

My roommate/friend have been in the apartment for 1 wk..I came home Frieday and she tells me her car got repoed...

Then gives me $100 towards the rent but informs me that she'll give me $200 next wk..Rent is 375....she wants to be late on the first payment!!

then she want to take my car to work(we work at the same place but differant shifts) and have someone pick me up and drop me off..I told her Sorry but I don't let anyone drive my car..

I am really thinking of getting out of the lease before she destores my credit.


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I think that is wise - just because you call someone a friend - doesn't mean they are a friend. You might want to re-think what a friend is. Good luck!

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Typical deadbeat behavior. The stories and/or situations won't stop. Cut your losses now....but get ready for a huge guilt-trip, probably laced with many accusations.

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Is the lease in your name? Or both? I think this you're right - this is a HUGE red flag. Good luck!


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Hi Cabin...nice to see you're seeing the flags, and I indeed believe they are an omen of things to come, this early in the agreement. I'd run away as fast as I could. I've had one roomy in my near 50 years and it didn't turn out well....never again. I'd rather bite the bullet and survive on my own than have my "space" invaded. I could understand if we were talking a divorce and a 3 or 4 bedroom house where the mortgage was due....maybe...but not for 375 a month. I hope you get this figured out soon, for your sake.

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ooooh, this doesn't sound good. General consensus here - bail out while you can, and before you are really stuck. Don't worry about the friendship aspect - it will either be there or not. But either way, you are better off not continuing the roomate situation.

Good luck!

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You are very smart not to let her drive your car. I'm not sure you can get out of the lease, but try right away. The landlord may be more accommodating if you do it right away instead of waiting till you owe a lot of rent.

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I think everyone is pretty much on the money. Unless you don't mind financially supporting your 'friend', I would confront her now and say you cannot afford to pay her share of the rent and insist she come up with the money. If you got the place, then tell her she has to move because you need to get someone else to help with the rent. These situations are never easy.

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This is the start to a typical script from "Judge Judy" or "People's Court".

No doubt in my mind. Run, don't walk and get out of there now.

I got stung way too many times with roommates and business partners both. At least you have the warnings so don't get stung. RUN, DON'T WALK!!

Now, this presupposes that your roomie does NOT pay up. If the money comes in, then you have to abide by the lease. However if broken, and you can get out of it, I think I'd get out of it. But remember if you acquiesce to changes, you could have problems and have to go through an eviction process.

I'm not sure if you're the landlord or what the deal is, but do some research so you don't get hit with an illegal eviction. You wouldn't need that on top of things.

Good luck. Let us know how it works out.

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