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doterooMay 29, 2006

Do any of you use a scrapbook program? What would you recommend for someone who is not very creative or computer smart and doesn't want to spend much money? Exactly what do one of those programs do?

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I've ordered Creating Keepsakes Designer Deluxe. It says you can use it for digital or regular scrapbooking. Have any of you used that program?

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I can't figure if my questions are too dumb or if no one knows or there is just a general lack of interest. So for anyone who is interested, I got the Creating Keepsakes software and I really like it. It's helping me to give my pages a better look. It was easy to download and it's also easy to use.

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I've never used software to do pages. I don't know how they work. I don't understand how to do the cutting out of fonts on the computer.

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I have the program Scrapbook Factory. I bought it at Wally-world and I really like it. Only problem with is that I bought a new printer that prints on 12 x 12 paper. But Scrapbook Factory will not print but on letter size paper. If I put 12 x 12 paper in the printer, only the letter-size part prints. But it has great graphics that you can print out and use on other pages.

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Do these program have good ideas for sports? I would like to start one for my grandson who plays football, basketball, softball and golf. He will be a sophmore this year and I do have lots of pictures from his freshman year.

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You don't really nead a scrapbook program ~ just a graphics program that supports png files and layers. I use psp, photoshop elements 3 for most of my stuff.

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I just ordered Photoshop Elements for myself. I heard great feedback about this software for digitial scrapbooking.

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