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glenda_alFebruary 4, 2005

Single, divorced grandmother, of eight year old, who is the love of my life!! Ds, 39, looking for a life long partner, who is divorced

Retired teacher, after teaching 30 1/2 years

Age: 65

Love traveling: been to China, Africa, Hawaii, love cruising, last cruise: Belize, Panama, Costa Rica

Upcoming: Alaska cruise, with friend

Water Aerobics, 4 times a week

Love gourmet cooking: Taken multi classes at local Culinard School


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Single, never married, working woman. 41 and live with ill mother- corneal transplant, and something called Normal Pressure Hydrocephalous. Not a pretty disease. Aunt to three great nephews - Christohper (14), Adam (11) and Nicholas (9). Active as a Den Leader, volunteer for church, work in computers for a major law firm but actively looking for something new. Former mathematics teacher but that seems a lifetime ago.

Currently in an online/long distance relationship with a great guy in Denver, Colorado. Treats me like a princess. He's my rock.

Originally from upstate NY, born and raised living in state parks (thanks Dad!) and then about 9 years in Atlanta before coming to Tampa.

Love dog agility with Callie and would love to get going with singing lessons...

I'm Barbara!


Here is a link that might be useful: My Web Site

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Whoops, reread, what I said about "looking"
Sounds like I'm on the prowl, NOT!!
Just looking for someone/ones that have similar interests, NOT companionship, just friends.


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I'm Prince Michael Howell the Fourth from the small country of Sterpinestinstien. I'm handsome, young, rich, and looking for the first woman that will marry me....

Okay... hope you enjoyed that fantasy as much as I did.

I'm 40, single, crappy factory job that I used to enjoy, fairly comfortable home in the country, and while I prefer sports/luxury cars I drive a truck. Currently reading The Book of Laughter and Forgetting.

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Just me, Wing. I work in a government office. I like my job for the most part just not the yuk people. Too young to retire and too old to start over (or so I tell myself).

Massage therapist and Reiki Master. Metaphysical. I enjoy antique shops and estate sales. Divorced eons ago. Two children out in the world on their own. Both doing well and happy.

My other wing passed two years ago and I'm a bit lost as to how to function outside work and my cave.

I'm reading The Complete Book of Jewish Observance and want to learn Hebrew. Before I'm gathered up I would like to visit China, walk on the Great Wall and see the clay army. A web page one day too.


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Carrie B

39, grew up in NYC, NJ and Israel (wing, I wish I had Hebrew font on this here machine, I could help you learn while you could help me not forget!).

I own a rowhouse in the city and live with two cats. I have a boyfriend (who I met Online a year ago in autumn) who has a sheltie. BF and sheltie spend most of their time here. With the exception of the cats/dog, we all get along famously. Barbara, is your SO the same one you posted pictures of last year? The man with the dark hair and nice smile???

I just finished reading David Sedaris's Dress Your Family in Courderoy and Denim which was a fun, light read. Before that, I read Rebecca which was far less light but very engaging. Thank you for reminding me about Milan Kundera, bunnyman, I've been meaning to re-read some of his books.

I work for a non-profit public health agency that deals with HIV & illicit drug use from a Harm Reduction perspective. I also do gardening (paid & unpaid) on the side.

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Single, 45, never married ... not really looking ...

Live on a small farm in a rural area outside Buffalo, NY. Share my farm with 2 dogs, 3 inside cats, 1 barn cat and 3 miniature donkeys.

Work as a mortgage banker to pay for the farm ... my passion is growing flowers. So I grow and hybridize daylilies, and lots of other perennials. Have many other hobbies, so am constantly busy. Have recently been tryiing my hand at creating garden ornaments/planters with hypertufa. That's been a lot of fun....

Read tons of books, just finished "The Broker", Grisham's new novel....

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Well Howdy All!!!
I have lurked in the background and finally decided to just jump right in. I have been single for about 2 years now and would love to find the right person, just have no idea how to start. I really haven't dated since the 80's...lol It is totally different world out there now. Now a little about myself. I am 36, divorced with 3 kids, 2 of which I have half the week. I just bought a fixer-upper house last year in a small town and i love it. I am a computer technician by day and by night i work on my house. I don't have any pets unless you count the occasional mouse i find in the basement(have a cornfield right behind my house). I enjoy all aspects of home remodeling, although i have to admit that electricity is my favorite thing.
I guess i am single by choice, but i would love to find that special someone to spend the rest of my life with. I don't do the bar scene and most of the people i work with are already married so i guess that leaves me out. If this forum gets moving i will post more info if anyone is interested...

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It's so nice to see new posts and new people! Welcome all. Pamghatten - where outside Buffalo? I was born and raised in Allegany State Park and Salamanca! And powertoolgeek - male or female? ;-)

Welcome again.

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Hi berain ... I think we did this already :-) ... South Wales, NY which is SE of East Aurora. I used to camp in Alleghany when I was a kid...

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Okay... I confess. The picture is totally posed. I had not been drinking. The gun was not loaded.... and that hat... noooo I don't actually wear that hat.

Same night but another attempt at creating an interesting photo... I so hate posing for photos.

: )

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I agree with you michael. I hate posing for pictures too. It is nice to see a few more posts on this topic. I spend all day working on computers that i don't always want to be near one when i get home. Anyway, I am a male, and i love my powertools. My favorite has got to be the recipricating saw. That is why the first part of my name, the second part came from my youngest daughter. Someone asked her where i worked and without missing a beat told them i was the computer geek for the schools. She wants to be one too when she gets older. I already have both of them trained for running all the wires and cables for my house. The are still young enough to not realize that this is really work. lol. Well hope you all had a great day!!


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HOLY CRAP...three mikes on the same board??....ok, I'll be the anti-mike since I own guns and am a computer geek...btw, welcome to the board powertoolgeek...I'll not repeat my history as it can be found by reading down a few threads, I'm sure....nice to see new faces......btw bunnyman, I like the mountain man look...I did that similar pic back in my earlier days....but I shot bunnies, I didn't raise them...heh....oops there goes another demerit

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I know I've posted this somewhere on the board so, in efforts of not boring you to death, I'll abridge my version:
I'm somewhere in my late 30's (can't remember what I put last time), mechanical engineer - but artist at heart, animal lover (to the extreme), home improvement addict, beer-&-wine-drinker, antiquer, heat-worshiper ...

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Personally Michael, (bunnyman), I think that first photo fits your online moniker perfectly! :-)

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Hey I stop in here some. I'm 48, obviously live in Oklahoma. I have worked at a medical university for 18 years. Single and currently dating which is major since I gave up dating for 10 years. No, I'm not bitter I just got tired of it. I share my home with a 12 y.o. Rottweiler.

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Welcome to the board Kim....I hope to see you back

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