I don't know which repair company to call for this problem.

centralcacyclistSeptember 4, 2008

My dryer won't work. Not a hint of turning on. Yes, it's plugged in! ;) While it could be the dryer switch, I am really suspecting that it's the circuit for the 220 that powers the dryer. I went out to check the panel to see if it had tripped. The only switch it could be (not marked) will not flip either up or down.

So what do you think? Call the appliance repair person or call the electrician to replace the circuit breaker?

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Well if your warranty has run out, look under Appliances (Repair) in the yellow pgs.

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Hi - so sorry I got distracted when replying there and should have read properly. Maybe you should call the electrician first, if only to be sure from a safety viewpoint that all your elects are in good order.

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If a breaker is not operating you must call an electrician eventually so why not call him first?

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I was hoping someone might know if the fact that the switch will not flip up or down is indicative of it's being broken. I just don't know. If so, then it makes sense to call the electrician.

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Unplug the dryer. If the breaker still doesn't work, then there is something wrong with the breaker/wiring.

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It's broken unless it isn't really a circuit breaker. A fuse for a dryer is a pull out element with two buss fuses inside.

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Some of the simplest tools are the handiest.

You can purchase from almost any hdw. store a "tick" tester.

Some are proximity and others are significant.

The proximity "tick" anytime voltage is present, when touched to a wire/cord.

The significant will "tick" when voltage is present in individual wires of a cord.

The 240V dryer cord generally are not wound and encased in a jacket, but appear as flat and molded with the center being the grnd/neutral and either side the hots.

If you find that one or both have no voltage present, some appliance repair people are familiar with working behind a dead front panel, in a service, and could change a faulty breaker.


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Wow, something I can do! Yep, unplugged the dryer, the switch still won't budge.

Thanks all, I'll post back when I get the fix.

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