Anyone home?

bowdoin514May 21, 2006

Hi All,

I am mainly just a lurker, read the posts and occasionally post once in a while. Just wondering where everyone is, what's new and what you're all doing as far as scrapbooking goes. Miss hearing your ideas and inspirations. I know spring is here and this time of year is busy with graduations, planning vacations, weddings and such, not to mention enjoying some of the nicer weather. Hope all is well with everyone. Miss ya!

Emma in PA

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Seems like a good forum going to waste doesn't it? I'm new to scrapbooking and not very good. I wonder if anyone else just sits there and looks and tries to figure out the best way to do it? LOL

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I wish that this forum would pick up, I love hearing what everyone is doing and what they found.

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I am new to scrapbooking as well, and I truly miss reading about what everyone's up to. I am SO new, that I am yet to actually make a page. I have all the basic supplies, just haven't gotten around to putting it all together. I hope this forum picks up soon. At least you guys have responded, so let's keep it going! How much are you into scrapbooking? What are you working on? Nice hearing from you both!
Emma in PA

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Because I have a short attention span, I work on several projects at once. I'm working on our vacation where we took our first cruise, our wedding (we've been married 36 years), and our grandson.

I got into scrapbooking a couple years ago, so for christmas I did albums for my 3 sister, brother, and Mom for Christmas. Boy was that a project, getting Mom to give me pictures was like pulling teeth until she realized I scanned them and return in the next day or two. Now I have to do one for myself, and yes I'll have to pull teeth again since it's been so long and she forgets. lol She will be 97 in august.


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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum but I've been croppin for quite some time. Nancy, that had to be a ton of work doing those albums, I'd love to do that but I have a hard time parting with and I know what you mean about trying to get pictures from relatives! We've been trying to get pictures from my uncle for quite some time for a family tree project.

I went to the Great Lakes Mega Meet in Novi, Mi last month. We go every year and every year it gets better and better!

I didn't realize there was such a forum here.... I'll have to check back often.

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It was a huge project and I wait for too long to start them. Mom was wanting to bet I wouldn't get them done. I should have taken her up on it. I kept telling her I work better under pressure, when she saw them (each had 25 pages) she was glad I didn't take her up on the bet. I enjoyed doing them, the pictures were like a trip down memory lane for me I'm the middle child so I remember things that each of them did which is special to me. Oh will Mom shoot me if she knew I typo 97 instead of 87. Yikes.

I wish I'd of scanned the pages for myself. It was hard giving them up, when I visit each of them I look at the books.


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LOL, I'm a middle child too. I did a couple 8x8 family books for my dad, one was a tree type and one was an ABC family book. He loved it. I scanned them before parting with them :) I really need to do an ABC family book for myself, his came out really cute.

It was the first time I worked with an 8x8, I REALLY liked it.

Happy Scrappin,

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I haven't tried the 8 x 8 but I bought one just the other day to do for myself. It's going to be about my grandson he is going to be 1 on the 21st of this month. I need to get this year done. They grow so darn fast.


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The 8x8's go really fast if you have a theme. These are a couple from the ABC book:

I scraplifted the layout and did my own ABC's.
You're right, the do grow too darn fast! Happy birthday to your grandson.

Happy scrappin,

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Forgot the "B"

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Cute pages. Now I feel really dumb cause I've heard of ABC books but didn't put it together that it's A is for. I'm sitting here laughing at myself. I usually think of myself as a intelligent person.......


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I love the idea of this forum, also. But I visited it everyday when I found it but there was usually very few new posts. I'm glad it has started to pick up.

We just have to remember to answer posts that other people put in so that there is always something new to read.

Hey to us all that will make this forum work.

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I haven't been here in quite a while and have missed it. School was crazy towards the end of the year with projects, book critiques and a LOT of tests to assist with. My husband, oldest grandson and I went to Florida last week to visit our oldest son and his family for a week. It was hot and humid but we enjoyed the visit so much. I always hate to leave them when it's time to come home. Now, I'm going to spend most of the rest of our summer, redecorating our family and living rooms. Both need a LOT done and I need new furniture!


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I had all these big ideas for scrapbooking once school was out (I'm a preschool teacher) and here is it - July - and I haven't accomplished a thing. (Except continuing to buy scrapbooking supplies!)

Actually that's not totally true - I made a couple of nice cards - one for a wedding this past weekend. I do like making cards. Probably because you finish your project in a shorter amount of time.

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I've never been on this forum before. It's 11:30 pm here and I can't seem to sleep. My mind keeps thinking about the 20+ cards that my daughter and I made today. I have a project at my church where I send cards for every birthday and every anniversary. I have never done too much embelishing because it can get a little expensive, but I recently bought some scrapbooking stuff off eBay and just had to try out some things on cards. I got a new eyelet setter that makes it fun now since I don't have to get the hammer and board out! Does anyone else make cards? Do you find yourself having certain colors you prefer. I love the nature colors...greens, browns, yellows, but then I make pastel ones too. I'll have to stop back by this forum in a day or two and see if anyone else has commented on cards.
P.S. I enjoyed the ABC book pictures. I've never done this, but got an 8x8 album and might just have to try it.
Ruth in Iowa

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When I had my daughter a few months ago I made all the baby shower invitations. To keep my costs down I bought a package of solid colored pastel paper, and a few stamps. Between the baby feet & hand stamps, and the "it's a girl" stamps I was able to create 50 different cards. I have quite numerous bright colored paper but would love to experiment more with the natural colors such at greens and brown like you do.
Also in terms of scrap booking. I made my mother, mother-in-law, and my grandma a baby brag book. I used a 6x6 album and it was so easy to do. I cropped most of the pictures down and just did a simple border trim on each page with a small amount of journaling. Each book with 20 pages took about 2 hours to make.
My brother just found out that he is getting deployed to Afghanistan in January, and since finding out is getting married in the next few weeks before he leaves for training. I'm working on a 8x8 book for him to take overseas with him.
Does anyone have any good ideas for military or wedding themed pages?
Stephanie in South Dakota

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Scrapbooking is my #1 favorite passtime after spending time with my family.
I have a Cricut which I use A LOT. I have quite a few cartridges none of which I paid full price for.
I have finished about 10 albums and have done a few for family and friends.
I did a Retirement book recently for my brother-in-law who was in the Navy and I think it was about 150 pages. There are some great papers out there by K&Company on the military. Sue

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