Flashing green LED light on garage door opener

cyoshSeptember 14, 2006

The green LED light on my Craftsman garage door opener (I don't know the model number off hand, but I've had it for several years, the wall unit only has the button to open/close, a lock button and a light button and the remote has 3 rectangular button-2 about an inch long and 1 two inches long with a green transmitter light) is flashing rapidly. I tried pressing the green button quickly and holding it down for several seconds (more than 10) but it won't stop flashing.

The other day I found an old remote and I pressed it (that was stupid!) That caused my "new" remote to stop functioning. I re-programmed while the green light on the opener was still flashing and my remote was able to work. The problem was that my door was opening and closing from all of my neighbors remotes! What can I do? I can't find the manual.

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If that LED is flashing rapidly it means the opener is receiving a signal. Take every remote you have and remove the batteries. Make sure you don't have an old one stored somewhere that could have something pressing against the button. If you have added anything new to the garage or house that plugs into the wall, unplug it and check the opener. I would do each of these things one at a time and check the opener.

What was the original symptom you had other than the light flashing?

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Thanks, Don. It must have been one of those old remotes that was stored in a drawer in the garage. I removed the batteries and tossed them and that did the trick. I was then able to re-program the remotes and my Home Link.

This forum is great.

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When I press the code into the wall mount outside the garage, it starts to blink and the garage door will not open. when I press the wall mount inside the garage it works just fine. can you please advise

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wall switch of garage door opener will not stop flickering.
It opens and closes door fine.I replaced switch,but it did
not solved the problem.

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This morning, my wall-mounted Chamberlain garage door opener button, which is usually a steady green, was flickering green nonstop. None of the remotes worked.

I discovered that the problem was that somebody had inadvertently hit the "lock" button (to the above/left of the main button). The solution was to hold the lock button down a few seconds, and the green LED switched from blinking to steady green. All of the remotes then worked as before.

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