Microhoods - distance from range to microhood?

gardenwebberMay 27, 2008

I've tried searching, but cannot find this info. What should the distance be between the microhood and the rangetop? Our cabinet maker called this morning to let us know that as it is, we have 18" between ours. We have a couple hours to call him back to change this if we desire. Is 18" enough clearance for pots, etc, but close enough to vent?

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My KD told me that 18" is typical however we decided to go higher on ours as I frequently use tall pots & wanted more clearance room. We moved ours up to 21"

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The higher you put the microhood, the less comfortable it is to load and unload things in and out of it.
The bottom of our OTR microwave/convection oven is 56 inches from the floor (that's 19-1/2 inches from the countertop, or 18-1/2 inches from the tops of the range burners).

I, being 5'-5" tall, would have liked the microwave hood to have been one inch lower.

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Thanks guys - we're going with 19". (I'm tall!) We took a box and experimented with different heights and pots and spoons... So much to consider: The size of your workspace on top of the range, plus the ease of using the microwave, plus the ease of reaching the cabinet ABOVE the microwave.

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