Can I get your thoughts on these door styles?

deedlesMay 8, 2013

Still playing with the final details. I think I've narrowed down my favorite door styles to two, both the inset panels. Threw in a raised panel even though I fell like raised panels might not be the best choice for this kitchen.

Anyway, love the beaded version because I love beaded in general but wonder if it's too 'fussy' for this more rustic kitchen. Also like the simple beveled edge style.... this one works the best?

The finish is the color on the raised panel except it'll be matte.

Here might be the crux of the door style choice though:

Leaning toward slab drawers unless someone points out a design thought for paneled that I'm not considering.

There are only 4 doors in the kitchen; everything else is drawers. Would it look odd to have all slab drawers everywhere and just 4 paneled doors? Should I go slab for everything, Or slab on the top drawers and paneled for the bigger ones?

I'd really appreciated some objective eyes on this. Thanks!

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Kathy Rivera

I like the big one on the top (with the knobs) or the little one on the bottom left - which I guess means I don't like slab drawers. And I don't. Especially in these kitchens where every.single.detail is so meticulously planned, they always feel like a spot where the person said, "Oh, I've made too many decisions and I'm fried! Leave it plain." I know that's not the case and many people make a calculated decision to leave it plain, but I just don't like the look.

If you want simple, I think the one on the bottom left is great - it seems to just have a tiny bit of moulding around it? I really like that!

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I love the wood and door in the upper right, including the dark knobs. I do happen to like slab drawers, esp. if they're smaller. I don't care for panels on a small area. I think slab on the smaller upper drawers and paneled on the larger would look fine.

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I also like the one on the top with the knobs. I did slab fronts on my top drawers but the rest have the detailing.

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Holly- Kay

I like the top right as well. It looks a lot like the door style I picked. I have a very small rope trim around the inside panel. It dresses it up a bit without being fussy.

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I think panel doors are pretty and add dimension BUT I am so happy I went with slab everything in my new nooks and crannies for food spills and dirt to get trapped in and way easier to keep clean.

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I vote for the top door with the dark knobs.

Good luck!

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IIRC, you're doing rustic alder, and I don't see the beaded style working with that. I have beveled natural cherry on doors and drawers 8" or larger, the way the Shakers did it. I was afraid to do all slab drawers, thinking it would look too plain, but I love my slab drawers more than my panelled drawers. The grain of the uninterrupted wood is so pretty. I think that would be true of the grain of alder too, though I don't know what "rusticating" them does to the drawer fronts.

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Mayflowers: you raise a good point about the wood grain. (no pun intended...raise the grain..nevermind)

With the rustic alder the wood IS the primary element. Thank you for pointing that out. I like your slab drawers, too and as Joanie points out, easy to clean. That was part of my initial kitchen 'statement'. Ok. This is helping. Maybe like you did, whatever panel on the bigger drawers and doors and then slab on the smaller drawers and the lazy susan?

I do agree with you, too KathyNY76 that I'm not feeling the 'all slab' but a combination is appealing.

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I like the top right with the black knobs. Very pretty! I think slab is pretty too, I just prefer the panels from what you have posted.

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You say you threw in a raised panel. I notice that is traditional construction while the other two are mitered corners. Is that something you need to think about? If you are being drawn by that element it might help you reexamine the options and understand why some might appeal to you and others don't. And you can eliminate based on that.

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I think beaded needs the detailing on all the drawers. I think it'd look odd to just have a bottom drawer beaded with slab above them. Also, your chunky wood shelves read rustic or contemporary, not traditional, and Shaker will work better.

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I like the one on top best. I do think with so few doors and so many drawers, you might not want to go all slab. Unless you want a sleek look. You could do a mix- keep the smallest drawers (usually the top ones) slab and panel the rest? The stain finish is really lovely.

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Williamsem: I really like mitered corners for some reason, they just appeal to me.

mayflowers; Agreed that beading would look best on each drawer/door. Is the beaded too... something... but not rustic? Too detailed for this kitchen?

belle: thanks, I do like the stain, it's prettier in person, too.

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With your lovely alder, for me definitely slab doors because they show off beautiful wood so beautifully. If you personally just want to add in some doors with shadow lines and bands, even beading, go ahead. Your wood definitely doesn't need detailing to add interest, though. How much detail are your other choices, such as counter, going to add? Any chance it could get too busy, with the knots and so on?

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