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raee_gwSeptember 21, 2006

Happy autumn to all!

The outside doors to my house are drafty around the sides and top. I have asked handymen to fix this (as part of a list of fixes) and they applied this stick on foam which then didn't allow the door to close completely (and doesn't stick long, either). I usually stuff plastic grocery bags around the side door which we do not use in winter (this works very well) but would like a fix for the other two doors. Do they need to be re-hung? Is there a door insulation product that would not interfere with the closure of the door?

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There are rubber gaskets which are nailed/screwed onto the door frame. Close the door and compress the gasket against the door and nail/screw into place. That makes the door need just a little more force to close.

There is also a felt gasket with a metal reinforced mounting flange installed the same way, but in my experience the rubber is better.

Both styles should be stocked in home improvement stores and some hardware stores.

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