Lead alloy

jeckySeptember 17, 2008

I am interested in knowing the exact combination of metals and other things in the lead alloy used in the surfacing process. Anybody know?

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What surfacing proccess? Can you elaborate a little more for us.

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Are you referring to terne (lead-tin alloy) coated steel roofing? Or a lead-copper alloy? Or lead coated copper flashing?

There are safer more environmentally friendly versions of these coatings mostly made of a zinc and tin.

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117 alloy used for blocking is a Eutectic Fusible Alloy and its primary component is Bismuth. (The price has gone up, up, up over the past 18 months)

Fusible Alloys include a group of binary, ternary, quaternary, and quinary alloys containing Bismuth, lead, tin, cadmium and indium. The term fusible alloy refers to any of the more than 100 white-metal alloys that melt at relatively low temperatures.

Bismuth 44.7%
Lead 22.6%
Tin 8.3%
Cadmium 5.3%
Indium 19.1%
tin alloys

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