Janome Bobbin Jamming... grrr

LimoWreckApril 17, 2007


I LOVED my Janome... when it worked. I have the Janome 4618 Limited Edition Sewing Machine.


I used this machine for about a month when the jamming problem started. At that time I took it to a Janome dealer and they said my tension was set too high... fair enough.

However, now it won't go 2 stitches without jamming. It's supposed to be jam-proof. I have adjusted the tension. I have changed the thread, needle (janome brand), fabric. I have re-wound the bobbins. I have cleaned the thing out a million times.

I took the plate off the bobbin area to watch what was happening. The removable plastic housing for the bobbin won't stay in place. It turns as the machine begins to stitch. Sometimes the needle comes down and actually hits the plastic housing (there are little holes visible where the needle has been hitting it).

Is this something I can fix? I hate to take it back to the Janome place. It is far from my home. I have an infant I would have to take with me. They already think I am a moron and I am sure this time it will cost me money.

This machine only worked for a month before this started happening.

Any ideas?

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This is a new machine, and without seeing it for myself, something is out of alignment somewhere, if you are getting marks from the needle in the housing, and the housing moves, then is there any little lever that snaps down to hold the housing in? (I am just thinking of my own machines which have a lever device - off to the right that snaps down and over the bobbin housing to hold it in). See if anything looks like it might move to snap down and hold the housing firm. If you really can't figure it out take it back and have them show you.....doesn't matter how many times you go back (too heck with them!) keep going until you feel comfortable with your machine....you paid good money and deserve service.

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I am presuming you are fairly new to machine sewing as more experienced machine users know how to resolve them and standard with any sewing machine. Your machine manual has a troubleshooting guide and illustrations. Sewing tension is usually around 4 and a preset on my Kenmore that rarely has to be changed more than a nudge up or down.

Whoever took the bobbin case out didn't put it back in correctly and why it turns. I have a Kenmore made by Janome and a Singer CE200 with the same type of case that does the same thing if you don't insert the bobbin case correctly. Before you put the bobbin in, turn the handwheel a full turn to make sure the bobbin case is in right and doesn't move...not in correctly and it turns, reinsert and keep testing. While you have the case out, check for threads from the previous jams that might be complicating matters.

No machine is entirely jam proof when it is user induced and have induced some whopper birdnests of my own. For what may be causing the jam, check your stitch length as you might be too short, have the correct needle for the fabric being used (symptom of knit fabric and not using a ball point needle), longer thread tails underneath the presser foot going all the way back to the machine, and the fabric is perpendicular to the back of the foot when you start a seam (prevents fabric getting sucked into the needle hole).

You will need a new bobbin case and are relatively inexpensive. Because your machine is still under warranty, it is a good idea to either take it back to a Janome dealer or a local sew and vac authorized to work on Janome machines. Now that it's spring, your baby might enjoy the ride and all the interesting sites around or get a sitter or dad babysit and enjoy the day as time off for yourself.

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I have that model and when it jams I have to check under the bobbin case, lint collects there and makes it jam. But I agree that you should go back and have them look at it, if they are reluctant take it to someone who fixes janomes, It could be something simple.

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