Hey It's Back!

LouiseFebruary 25, 2003

Good to see this forum back; hope to grows to the mostly friendly, supportive place it was before.

Can I still come around even though I am married now - to a wonderful man I "met" right here?


aka Mrs. Backwater Bob

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Well, I'll be darned! An alumna!

So, tell us how it's done!

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Sure you're welcome. Tell you hubby he's welcome to bring along all his mates, too. It's a smorgasbord here for them right now!!

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Ohmigod, I remember backwater bob! A fairy tale online love affair turns into happily ever after. Cool.

Welcome back...

- darkeyedgirl

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Ok, let's bring each other up to date on what's been going on in our lives since this thread was started!

Since Feb. '03, my life has been forever changed by a brief, but lovely, long-distance friendship/relationship. We have both since moved on, but we will both cherish the time we spent together.

I have since had another grandson, been back to school, dropped out of school, gained 7 pounds, fallen in love/lust again, made some good changes and some not-so-good changes.

I have a lot more gray hairs and have, overall, mellowed with age. I have learned, thanks to my dear friend, Michael, to not take things so seriously - we won't get out alive, anyway!

I have learned to take rumors with a grain of salt, live my own life, and be happy with what I have. Since Michael came into my life, I have been able to give love as well as get love - to be loved, one has to love.

I have learned to leave it all up to God - all things happen for a reason - things usually turn out for the best. I have come to realize that I am exactly where I am supposed to be in this life, at this moment, and to RELAX!

OK, who will be next?

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I have learned that when God closes a door, he opens a window. I have learned to love with an open heart and an open hand. I am learning patience. Patience is a hard lesson.

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I've learned to appreciate every day....I've had some special people come into my life over the last few years and some have gone...the old adage of stop and smell the roses is the perfect motto for anyone of any age because you never now what you had until it's gone

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Carrie B

Since February '03 I have met the man of my dream on an Online dating site (yes, it is possible!). It has been over a year of absolute bliss.

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Guess I really can't respond to "it's back" since I've only been a member of THIS forum for a year ... glad to know that it was once more active. I'd be willing to renew my membership if it would gain some momentum ....

For you that don't know me, or haven't seen my ponders in the past year:
I'm a mechanical engineer at the Rocket Ranch - middle-aged (ahem), seeing major career change, thus returning to night school in hopes of pursuing something in the medical field, single (though seeing a much too young, financially-challenged, immature, un-educated man) - childless - and owned by two hounds. I enjoy reading (though not much time now), hiking (with the hounds), running, gardening (or just planting tropicals), and starting many home improvement projects.

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Hi Carrie....glad to hear that it's working out so well for you...so have you two set a wedding date yet?

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Carrie B

Thanks Tinmantu. No wedding date. Not something I much care about, to be honest. I wanted a committed, passionate, respectful relationship - and that's what I got!

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Good for you Carrie...if you can get passion and no commitment at the same time, I'd be all for it too...does he have a sister??...just kidding!!

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