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ramseySeptember 10, 2012

Hello All

I have a soffit vent question . I have a continouus soffit vent and a ridge vent , however my attic is still hot.

I recently discovered that while vinyl soffit vent runs the entire perimeter of the home, I "only" 2 in circular holes in the plywood about evey 16 inches.

A friend of mine suggust cutting a 2 to 3 in wide channel in the plywood for the entire perimenter of the home and covering with he vinyl soffit vent.

He suggest that the new channel will lower the attic tempeatature by 20 degrees in the summer

Given the limited inlformation i provided in the psot, does this make sense


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more than likely that would do it.

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Are the actual holes cleat up past the attic insulation?

If insulation is covering the holes, they do not work---adding more space will not help---since that space may also be blocked.

Calculate the area of all the holes. Then the area of the ridge vent(specs should be available on the Manuf.'s website---or a Muf. with a similar design.

If the area of the soffit holes is slightly more than the ridge vent, adding more spaces will not be needed.

If the soffit area is less, adding more hole area(enlarging the existing holes) to get just a bit more than the ridge is necessary.

BUT! The soffit vents HAVE to be clear of any obstruction(s)!!

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Yes, there are trays to keep the insulation away from the holes and direct the air upwards

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