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Ruby_RedMay 14, 2002

What is the best way to adhere pictures, die-cuts, lettering, etc onto memory pages? (If they aren't self-stick, that is) Should I use glue, 2-sided tape, what? I made my first memory page yesterday for a friend who just had a baby, and the glue caused the page to become wrinkly, like it got wet. :o( It did say safe to use. TIA


It did come out really cute though :o)

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I use the tape roller from Cre@tive Mem0ries. Sounds like it is too wet with the glue you are using. I used some glue dots last night, and they were pretty good. There are various tapers available, or there's tape in a box that you just pull out.

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I use cm tape runner too. Jewels

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Thanks all. I'll have to look for some tape this week. I do have some of the dots but wasn't sure if they would hold up for any period of time.

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FYI: I faithfully used the tape roller from Cre@tive Mem0ries for a few years. I thought what a great idea. It was easy to use and A friend of mine sold Cre@tive MemOries and swore by it. So I went to a class. At the class we were told that clue sticks etc. would not hold up. So I purchased a bunch of stuff including 1 album and this tape. We used this album and tape to do our wedding pictures. After a few years the scrapbook was falling apart. As well as other scrapbooks I had done using this tape. I thought anything is better than this tape.
Well there is a glue stick made by elmers called
"Craft Bond: acid free extra strength glue stick. goes on blue dries clear."
"Zig 2 way glue. Wet bond perminant. Dry bond temporary."
With the 2 way glue you have to work quick so that it does not dry to quickly. I make sure that it is blue before I apply the picture paper to the scrapbook and it stays put. It says that it is temporary when you let it dry clear and it is. So I lay out my page and know where I want everything and work quickly with the glue so the pictures (etc.) stays put. Anyway I redid my pages using the elmers. and using the 2-way glue, mainly for small items, and I have not had a problem since. I have done all my scapbooks with these 2 glues and have not had any problems.
When I first started using the other glues I would get the wrinkled pages also. I learned I just needed to put the glue in the corners and have not had a problem since. Also you might try a hevier paper. They carry some great Heavy weight solid & patterned and design paper at http://www.momandme.com/.
P.S. I had the same problem with the dots as I had with the tape. And I did follow the directions.

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