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kittenkatFebruary 19, 2006

I am a divorced Senior looking for friends to message. I am 62 and I am not looking for a date or anything like that. Just want to message with new friends of any age or gender.

I love cats. Computer literate and can talk just about anything.

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I hope someone will want to make a new friend besides me, here. Let me hear from you. Thanks.

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You two are great! I'd love an email buddy, but I'm a 42 yr. old female... is that ok?


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Sure Mimi Boo - I have friends of all shapes, sizes & ages. A dear friend who works for me from time to time is in his late 30's. Have friends younger than you and many older. Age really is a frame of mind. Would love to hear from you!

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Hi everyone,
Can I join in? I'm 60 married/single and lonely. I would like to visit with others. I'm not interested in dating, just conversation and friendship/fellowship. Does that make sense?

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Hi, count me in too. I am female, young early 50s and widowed. Conversation and friendship make perfect sense. Write me at thruital@yahoo.com. Thanks.

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Well, I got busy, but finally got back only to have to fight my way thru a "jello commercial"? Good grief and it wasn't even a good one!!!
OK, if anyone checks in...I'm 60, married, work as a Secretary for a fuel company. I am a computer junky....not a guru or nerd, just adicted to it and the net. I'm into games/genealogy/walking/books on tape(for walking)/bike riding/healthy slow carb recipes.
We have 3 grandchildren and 2 greats. I enjoy people and like to visit. Is this board still open to friendships?

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Hello KittenKAT, saw your post and I too would like to have a e-mail friend.I will be 63 April 28th 2007.I am a female.I live in Mississippi.Let me know if you still want to write to people.Sue McKee

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Hello all, I'm 65, single, lady, looking for some friends,
I have a small fish pond, flower garden, like to read, and play on the pc. Hope to hear from some of you all.

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Hi I'm 63 female widowed, 1 cat 1 dog.Would love to hear from any of you.

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I always like to talk to People.

I'm 52,divorced,and a bit of a free-wheelin' Redneck.

Be glad to get e-mails. Just talk about anything.

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Hello one & all,
I guess to date, I would be the baby of the bunch at 36, but wouldn't mind making a few new friends as well. If you couldn't tell by my user name, I am a lover of cats and the proud owner of two...Happy to chat about them, arts & crafts, music, gardening, outdoor activities, puttering around the house, etc...hope to hear from you!

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I would love to email with some of you. I am 65, single, my DS lives in CA and I live in Iowa. I have one cat, one dog and I work part-time.

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I am female, 57 years young, and recently widowed. I used to be quite active on this board, but got married and just lurked for the past 2.5 years. I would love to have an email friendship, especially with other widows and widowers. I garden, work and maintain a big house and yard.

I have three grown bio-sons and one 17-yr. old stepson. I have a beautiful 9-yr. old male border collie, who thinks he's a kid, too.

Things have been tough since my husband died of pancreatic cancer on April 17th of this year. I miss him SO MUCH! I spend lots of time crying and wondering 'why' and wading through the mountains of legal junk that happens when a spouse dies. I would welcome the break to talk to others.

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KittenKat, email me if you still want to chat.

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How did all this work out for people? I am moving again, 50, single and starting to feel a little like a gypsy. Is it me or everytime I move does it get harder to make new friends? A single 50 year old female seems to be pretty invisible. I would like to strike up some new friendships. I am fairly quiet, like to read, bird watch, both in the back yard and out investigating nature preserves and trails. Love animals though I don't currently have any and before I started moving around the country I used to love to vegetable garden.
I also like TV and refuse to be embarrassed by that:) Loved the Soprano's, will miss it. I've replaced it with Rescue Me.

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I haven't heard for anyone - guess it didn't pan out. I would love to have someone to 'hang out' with in my area, but guess it's not to be. If you are in the Kansas City area, email me. I am a new widow, and find it lonely out here in this big old world!

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me too. i would love some new friends. ive been a widow for 10 yrs coming up and its still lonely. im in wisconsin. anyone near> i dont care if its men or women. i like them both.

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I would love an email buddy, and I tried to email Kittenkat, but no email addy. I don't want to post my email address on the internet since it is my only email account. I don't get any spam and want to keep it that way. I tried opening a second account, but couldn't make it work.

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