Kind sad ..Happy Valentine's day!

sunflowerroseFebruary 14, 2006

Hi, I'm kind feeling sad today. I think it's because of Valentins day ......

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A work colleague saw me in the hall today and said, "Happy Valentine's Day!" I didn't even realize the holiday. I said, "It's kind of a non holiday for me, like being Jewish at Christmas." She said, "It's kind of a non holiday for this married person too." It was just invented by greeting card, chocolate and teddy bear merchants!

OK, I'm trying to cheer you up but maybe it isn't working. I'm sorry you feel sad, I understand how it goes.

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I went in to work this morning, and there was a big beautiful bouquet of flowers. I said "Wow! Someone got some pretty flowers, and I bet it wasn't me!" Well, of course it wasn' was from a co workers husband. For crying out loud, even when I was happily married, I never got stuff like that.

One valentines day, he said.."oh, your gift is on the seat of the truck." Well, he'd been with his brother who NO WAY could come home with out a valentine gift for HIS wife if he wanted to see the next day, so mine got me a card and a freakin' 79 cent plant. The card was still in the paper bag, not signed or even in the envelope. Now THAT'S romance!

In his defense, years later, he picked wildflowers on a hiking trip, and carried them down the mountain, and brought them to me. They were so pretty. I loved them more because he'd stopped and picked them himself, thinking how much I would like them. Now THAT'S romance!

OK, one romantic gesture in 25 years........what more could a woman ask for?



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Note for portion of male population which hopes to have continued presence of women in their lives....

Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's day, anniversary (whatever kind)...if you can't keep track and DO something for your honey on these days (NOT just before or just after...THE DAY!!!) go back in your cave and live alone. These are called dues. Not facts. Not rationale. Not sensible or practical. Just DUES. Get with it or forget it and get out. Forgetfulness is a mortal, unrecoverable sin in these four instances.

It doesn't matter if you don't understand or don't agree or resent it. Shut up about it, suck it up, and do it. You'll never understand. Don't try. Just do the deed. It allows life to continue with much less aggravation.

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Amen Asolo. You said a mouthful there. Being a man and when I am in a relationship I always remember the holidays and special events. But I am a romantic at heart and when I am in a relationship I like to leave little notes for my partner saying hi and letting them know that I was thinking about them. What has happened to romance and chilvary in this world? Yesterday at work for Valentine's day I bought all the women who work with me in a candy and put it on their desk for a Valentine's present. It wasn't much but its the thought that counts. One of them had just broken up with her financee last month and she thought she would not get anything for Valentine's day. She really enjoyed it and said that I made her day. Hearing her say that blessed my day and made my day a whole lot brighter. I was glad I was able to do that.

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Very well spoken from some men on this board. Thank you!

I was very surprised to receive a Valentine's card from my SO on Monday. Considering he is out of the country for several weeks, this meant he had to think ahead... and that means more to me than anything.


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I was chatting with a friend who suggested that Valentine's Day be renamed "Singles Awareness Day."

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Say, I gotta disagree with some of that! It's not dues! Not at all. It's courtesy, respect, honor, love ...

To call it dues is none of those ... dues are what you pay when you join a book club or the gym or pay for an overdue library book or some other such ... but certainly not what you pay to someone you care about ...

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I wouldn't care WHAT day it was on. A loving gesture is welcome anytime. A gesture just because a guy thought it was DUES would be just that. Empty, a "had to or else" kind of thing. Not very romantic in my book. Like the card in the bag. It didn't mean anything to him. Why would I demand something that had no meaning? I would rather have nothing.

Romance is not a holiday.


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Hi guys, I'm peeking in again because the other forum is dead.
I think haliwa has it right. Me and my SO decided to skip Valentines day - only because he is so romantic every day that V-day seemed redundant.

My ex didn't have a clue, on V-day or any other day UNLESS he wanted to 'get some'. When that is the only time that a man can come up with any sort of affection it becomes meaningless.

Hats off to you haliwa!

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