In Ground Safe - Want to remove but could use advice!

gardenergwenSeptember 21, 2008

When we bought our 20-year old house, there was an inground safe in one of the walk-in closets in our Master Bathroom. Since the previous owners left neither the required combination or key, we ignored it while we focused on the bazillion other home improvement projects around the house.

Now we are turning towards remodeling of our Master Bath and decided to try and "crack" the safe - translation, my husband took his sledgehammer and crowbar to it. When we opened it up, we found it full of several inches of WATER and the safe walls significantly rusted.

We are wondering what to do next. The shell of the safe is still sunk in the foundation and the hinges protrude enough that we have to remove some of the structure to be able to tile over it.

Anybody have insight on what we might do? Is it safe to just fill the hole with concrete or do we need to get a "specialist" in here? If we do call a professional - who in the world would we call? If it makes any difference, we live in Central Texas.

Thanks a bunch!


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bust out the slab around it, remove it, then fill level with concrete. after than you cna tile over it.

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