mimi_booFebruary 29, 2008

It's Friday - yay!

What are your weekend plans?

Me, I'm going cell phone shopping tonight with my eldest nephew. Tomorrow is massive cleaning and laundry. And Sunday is church, maybe get my mother a pedicure and manicure and then I'm treating my family to dinner out.

Have a good one!


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Amen to that - it has been a loooong week! Souds like you are going to have a fun weekend though. I have to go into the office at least one of the days this weekend. I also need to clean. I may try to go to the movies or something. I need to start getting out some so that sounds like a good start. Not sure what I'll see - I don't even know what's out there anymore!! I just ordered a new call phone for my sister and she is so excited. I'm going to upgrade mine next month - maybe I'll learn how to do the text message thingy - LOL!!

Happy Friday to you all!

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Mary, there is a service called, to which I belong. It's free - you call the 800#, speak the message you want to text, and Jott will send it to the cell phone for you - it is SO HANDY, because I don't have the patience to sit and type on my cell phone. Check it out.

As for my weekend, I will be bored, unless it stays warm. I have been retired since a week ago last Tuesday, and I am B-ooooo-rrrrr-ed! I went to the senior center today, and will start going there several times a week. I am a Master Gardener, and they want me to teach a gardening class and possibly a beginners computer class.

I may have found my painting classes, too - someone there teaches water color painting. I realize the need to get out and do stuff besides go to thrift stores - I don't need to accumulate any more junk!

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Jo, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you had retired. Contratulations. I guess you are bored!! But it sounds like you are trying to put your time to good use. I can't wait to retire - i've got more years than i care to think about. But based on what everyone I know tells me about it, I need to start planning for something to do during the day - of course, there's always GW - SLF!!

Master Gardener, huh...; HELP, and I need all that I can get!!

miles of smiles to ya!


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Thanks, Mary. Yes, plan ahead, to be occupied during the day. When the weather warms up, I won't have any problems occupying my time - it's just now, while it's cold. I guess I had better start preparing to move in 6 months - sell some stuff, give some stuff away, just go through everything.

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