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adkgrammaApril 20, 2010

I've been giving some thought to buying a machine that will do coverstitch, the stitch used in t-shirt hems (2 straight stitches on top and a coverstitch on the bottom). I know some sergers can convert but you can also buy a machine that only does coverstitch and chain and does not trim. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks

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for what it's worth...I would get a serger. It can do lots of things, lots of different stitches, as well as coverstitch: some can do coverstitch some not, so be sure to check out what machine can do what. I don't know anything about a coverstitch only machine, but I would not want something that only did one thing. I really like to multi- task myself, and want my "equipment" to do the same! With a serger, you can do the coverstitch when you need that, plus have the ability to do other things as well.
I have an Imagine serger by Babylock and can not believe all I can do with that little machine.
Just my opinion....

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I have a serger from 1976 that does not do a coverstitch, but I can fake it by serging the hem edge, folding up the hem and pressing, and sewing the hem with my sewing machine and a double needle on the right side of the garment. It looks exactly like a cover stitch from both sides, but it's a two-step process instead of one.

If you have a sewing machine but not a serger, I agree with murphy - get a serger if you can. New ones probably have coverstitches built in. BUT - You could probably zig-zag the edge on a regular machine, then turn it up and use the double needle for a pretty close approximation of a cover stitch.


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I do have a serger but it's older and doesn't have a coverstitch. I used to work in a business where I ran a commercial coverstitch,two needle hemming machine. Only recently did I find out that they're available for home use. I would consider a new serger with a coverstitch if it wasn't too hard to change. Murphy, how hard is it to go from serger to coverstitch? Thanks

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go to, there you will see lots of reviews with regard to all types of machines. I have 2 sergers, one that converts and one that doesn't and quite honestly I would prefer the separate cover stitch machine over the serger that converts.

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Sorry...been offline for a few days and just now catching up.
I don't know how hard it would be to go from serger to coverstitch. I only have a serger and have never used a coverstitch machine. I do know that some sergers have a coverstitch function and others do not.
I was only suggesting that you look at a serger that does a coverstitch instead a coverstitch machine that just does coverstitch.
To save some time...go to websites of serger manufacturers like Babylock, Janome, White, and others and get an idea of what machines will do a coverstitch and what machines won't.
Or just do a google search for each type of machine and see what's out there....Good luck and happy shopping!

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Thanks, Murphy. I thought your serger was one that did both serging and coverstitch. I've been doing my research and I'm going to look into a Brother 2340cv. It only does coverstitch,is about $300 and has good reviews. I'm a little hesitant about buying online without actually seeing and trying the machine so I'll see if I can find a Brother dealer in my area.

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Only 5 or more thread serger do coverstitch. You can buy just a coverstitch machine. I have the Baby Lock Imagine Serger and the Baby Lock Coverstitch. I would have had to buy the 8 thread to get the coverstitch or the stand alone coverstitch.

Pamie G.

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Per comments that the coverstich is exactly like the two needle stitch on a regular sewing machine: it is not even close. The two needle on a regular machine is a single zigzag and the coverstich is a looping stitch that does a double zigzag. the cover stitch is a professional finish and holds better and covers the edges of the hem better.

also I have found from experience that n0n industrial machines like Janome and Husqvarna will not sew well on spandex and especially on medium to thick materials...jeans, or when folding a serged hem or over elastic. Those machines will skip and even lower brans of indurtrial machines are fussy, overly sensative and get out of timing easliy.

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