happy birthday, eloise

Gerry1117February 20, 2008

Here's wishing you a very happy birthday, eloise. Hope you go out and celebrate big-time!!!

Yep, I've been enjoying DD and SIL visiting from California. They were here from Friday night until yesterday. Are now in the upper part of the state visiting SIL's family. We had about 60 guests at the birthday/welcome home reunion this past Saturday.

Oops! Just checked my glass - it's time for another toast!

Best wishes,


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Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I remember having so much fun on my 39th birthday (2007) - hope yours is just as much fun!

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Jo, the Birthday Girl is out partying - it looks like!

HAPPY 39th BIRTHDAY Eloise!! I need to check on these things - sorry about that. As you know B'days are special in my book. I hope your day is special too (and you really are out partying!!).

Hi Gerry - sounds like the visit was great; glad you enjoyed. Are you toasing Eloise's Bday too!!!

take care all...


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Happy Birthday, lady!!...hope you had a great one!!!

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just a bump up...because of my rambling, this one fell a few notches...this one belongs at the top for today.

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Thanks all! I was gone all day yesterday so am now just getting on GW. My oldest granddaughter and I shared our b.d. celebration on Saturday with family and friends. Her b.d. was on the 19th. We went to the Olive Garden and ate, and ate, had fun, and we both received lots of presents :-)!!! Yesterday, my DD had a fondu dinner for us at their home to continue the celebration.

You guys are just great! Thanks for being here.

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Gerry, I am so glad you got to see your darling family. I am sure there were lots of hugs and kisses! When you get some time, tell us about your trip.

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