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centralcacyclistFebruary 1, 2006

When I tell men friends (and I mean friends, men who have other primary relationships and are just friends with me, no other agenda) about men I have had dates with they always assume the very worst about their intentions and motives. Always! Unless the man I am talking about practically has a ring in hand and is on one knee, they tell me he is only after one thing. I'm just the flavor of the moment.

Men? Why do you always assume the worst about another man's intentions?

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They're your friends. They're protecting you. Women do the same thing for their men-friends.

Newcomers to friends/family always start out having to "prove" themselves to one degree or another. Natural as a breeze, I'd say. Unless your men-friends really do already know these guys and know they really are interested in only one thing. Have you asked your friends why they've expressed these opinions on those occasions when they have?

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Asolo, this reminds me of the movie I watched last night "Guess Who." It stars Bernie Mac, whom I just love. He plays a father giving Ashton Kutcher the once over as the boyfriend his daughter brings home to meet him. Bernie was so funny in that role. That was the only saving grace the movie had, as the rest was mostly cliche. But even though it was cliche, seeing Bernie Mac do the schtick was fun. He always ascribed the worst motives to his daughter's boyfriend. But he gave a great speech about "that's a dad's job, to protect his daughter." Boy, when I was younger my dad was so totally like that. I was so surprised by the way he acted towards my boyfriend, I had never seen that side of him. At the time I didn't like it at all. Now, he has largely given up that posture, and always sticks up for any guy who even might slightly look my way.
Dad: "What happened to that last guy you were dating?"
Pink: "Oh him, what a jerk, turns out he was a married man who was just using me for kinky sex."
Dad: "Well I dunno, you're so picky, nobody's perfect."

Subtext Dad: "Hmmmm, kinky sex, that means there's still a chance of grandchildren."

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