Craftsman's garage door lock light flashing

yellowtinaSeptember 27, 2009

My Craftsman garage door opener keypad quit working, I replaced the battery and then the keypad and it will not work because everytime I use it or the remote in the car ,the lock light on the premium remote on the wall starts flashing.

The premium remote will allow me to open and close the door, however I cannot reprogram the remote to use either them or the keypad?

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Whenever you run into a problem like this you need to start undoing what you have done. I would remove the battery from the keypad and then try programming the remote. I would also eliminate any possibility of a bad wall control by removing the wire on terminal #1 on the motor unit.

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Thank You! I will try that. seems as if everything goes at once. I am replacing my sump pump this evening.
I appreciate your expertise on this, it has been very frustrating and parking outside is less than fun in this rainy weather!

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did not work!

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