Vintage Sewing Machine Cabinet

MzPurple07April 26, 2013

I just recently found a sewing machine table that my great grandmother used. I can't find the actual machine, but the cabinet is in good condition. However, I have no idea how to find out the manufacturer of the table. I found an instruction manual and some original sewing accessories inside one of drawers of the table along with a certificate of warranty from the National Sewing Machine Company dated 1937. The instruction manual says THE REVERSEW A SEWING MACHINE.

I'm totally clueless as to what I should do. Someone told me that the actual machine may be inside the cabinet, but I don't think. Any suggestions?

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Someone said the machine may be inside??? Wouldn't you know if that were true? Why don't you post a picture of it and maybe someone will recognize & identify it for you. I've never seen a cabinet that could hide a machine so well that you can't fond it! I have an old Singer cabinet (not treadle) that I identified after researching Singer machines.
Good luck!

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Do you really need to know who made it? Whoever did so, seems to have made it to fit a National Reversew. National ceased production in 1957. It is very unlikely that a machine of any other make will fit in your cabinet, as back then, makers were very careful to make all cases/cabinets brand specific so that their cabs could not be recycled by comsumers to house a new machine of a different brand.

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Thanks everyone for the valuable suggestions. While I haven't found the actual sewing machine, just finding more information about the cabinet is wonderful, especially since I can attribute more concrete facts to this cabinet besides it being my great-grandmother's.
I will continue to do more investigation, and once again thank you. Oh, and if anyone has more valuable information on this type of machine or cabinet, please let me know.

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There is actually a discussion on this very machine right here on GardenWeb..
Maybe it will be helpful to you. I would venture to say that your machine manual is probably more valuable than the cabinet--except for it's family history, of course!

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