Cracked rock lath w/ plaster

kathybeSeptember 8, 2008

We have a 1940 farm house, walls & ceiling are Rock lath with a plaster skim coat.

Ceiling in the dining room has crack from one side to the other. I just removed the popcorn and old repairs (NOT DONE BY ME) It was paper tape w/ some compound to fill & smooth.

Crack is maybe 1/8 inch in spots with the crack going thru the rock lath. I know how to "V" the crack and clean it out but my question is exactly what compound do I use to FILL it. I do not want this coming back. Can not detect any movement in the rock lath when I push on it.

I read DURABOND or gypsum/sand plaster. Confused. Anything I can get from Home Depot to do this?

Thank you so much, Kathy

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BTW: I can not find out what DURABOND is. Where is it sold?

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Durabond is a setting product (you mix the powder with water)made by USG.
It is as hard as plaster and very difficult to sand.

Easysand is another setting product and as the name implies can be sanded.

Both products have a number after them that is the nominal setting time.
They harden be chemical reaction, not drying out like the pre-mix mud in buckets.

1940 was not commonly skim coat plaster, but 2 coat plaster.
Look at a receptacle.
If the plaster is about 3/5 inch thick with gypsum backer is it 2 coat.
A skim coat wall will be barely more than 1/2 inch thick.

If the crack is stable and not moving, mesh type drywall tape and Easysand should make a good repair.

Be sure to moisten the edges of the crack to get a good bond.

The final patch should be at least 12-16 inches wide.

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