Centennial sewing machine

cherylnelson925March 11, 2008

Hello! I have a rather old sewing machine that has the label "Centennial" on it. There's no numbers, no other description or brand name anywhere on it. It is an electric sewing machine (foot pedal kind) and I have googled it every way imaginable to no avail. All I need is to figure out how to thread the bobbin. I always have such a hard time threading any bobbin on a new machine. I have wound the bobbin already, but don't know how to put it in. Can anyone help me? I feel pretty silly asking such a question but I knew there would be somebody on this website that could help...

Thank you!!

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Can you post a picture of the machine somewhere? Or take a look at this machine and tell me if it looks basically like your Centennial? Ignore the color and just compare the general shape and components.


Here is a link that might be useful: Sewing Machine

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Wow Annie,you've got a nice collection of machines there!!

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Thanks, Kathi--It's not so much a collection as symptom of an obsession....


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