What's everyone doing this weekend?

pamghattenFebruary 11, 2005

Thought I'd start a new thread ...

Tomorrow is cleaning, vet visit with one of the dogs(we've been going thru a period of time where I seem to visiting the vet a lot for little things), chores, and then a friend is coming out and we're going for dinner and drinks somewhere near me.

Sunday maybe I'll actually work on my quilt, not working on hypertufa this weekend. Maybe do some snow mobiling if my BIL comes out ....

This is a catch up weekend ...



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i should be moving the furniture around
from the aftermath of having new carpet and lineolum laid .
but the weather is supposed to be fairly warm so i may just play hooky and head for the nearest wal-mart or maybe a bookstore who knows ??
but one thing for sure i am going to enjoy the weekend regardless :-).

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Lots of catching up to do here too. Last weekend was Pinewood Derby - so I need to finish the church directory, pay bills, do taxes, more laundry and cook dinner (Chicken pot pie) on Sunday... oh - and Callie goes to the groomers tomorrow. I should take a before and after shot!

Extreme makeover - sheltie style!


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it's overcast and dreary here today...sounds like a good day to get my income tax done...I'd say yuck, but I'm getting a refund (I hope)....Tomorrow, I'll watch the pro bowl and get my last football fix to carry me until training camp. Hope everywone has a good weekend!

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What is it they say about the best laid plans........or does that only apply to men?

Have a lot to do. Went to WM to buy light tubes/bulbs.
A book jumped into my basket too. I felt compelled to read all afternoon.

I will do something tomorrow....I will...I will.....I will


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isnt it just amazing how books tend to jump ??
first they jump into a basket/cart then its on into
your hands before you know it .

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Today is "deep-cleaning day". UGH. What a crappy way to spend a beautiful Sunday. If only I had a housekeeper. Tonight maybe watch some of my Netflix movies.

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Doing better today. I did go to the drugstore to get something to store a quilt in my trunk. Checked out a couple of books but put them back too!

Hey jennmonkey how do you like Netflix?
Anyone else? Just a bit o/t but I'm thinking of joining.


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I also didn't get as much done as I wanted to this weekend .. Ended up at the Library Sat. morning, got James Patterson's new book ... realized last nite I'd almost finished the book.

Spent a lot of time outside Sunday with the dogs, went for a couple long walks ... was just too nice to be inside. Uploaded more flower photos, something I've been meaning to do for a while.

Was reading/watching the Grammys last nite when a neighbor called and told me to lok out the window cuz the sky was orange from a barn fire over the hill. I could hear the police/fire scanner behind her and realized the fire was at a friends place... they called out 4 fire companies.

Drove by this morning, the hay half of the barn looks totaled, but the cow half is still standing. Waiting to hear from them how they all are... fires are scary things!


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