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stonehouse24September 4, 2008

I have a home repair project where i need to mix up 5 or 6 wheelbarrows of portland cement concrete. The total quantity is probably around 1000 pounds, much too small for a ready mix concrete truck delivery. I'm having trouble locating the graded washed stone component to the mix. I have a source for the concrete sand, but I can't find the stone in the small quantity that I need. A neighbor recommended that I use a stone product called "crusher run". This is a crushed limestone product from a nearby stone quarry that is a mixture of large and small crushed aggregate and stone dust. The product is screened and the top size of the crushed stone is about 1 1/4 inch. The neighbor told me to just add my portland cement to this product in a blend of three shovelfuls of stone product to 1 shovelful of cement and I will be all set. Will this blended crushed limestone product yield a suitable home repair concrete mix? In looking at it, the aggregate blend looks good, but there appears to be a substantial amount of fines and dust. If this product will work, is the suggested 3/1 stone/cement blend ok?

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It depends on what you intend to use it for.

Too much aggregate (sand & stone) makes the mix stiff and difficult to place/finish. Too much fine aggregate (sand) requires excessive water, which may lead to cracking and shrinkage. Too much coarse aggregate (stone) produces a porous and honeycombed concrete.

Why not rent an electric mixer and use a packaged product like Quikrete, etc.?

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I'm pouring round concrete pillars to support columns for a backyard patio. I rented an auger and have 8" diameter holes about 42 inches deep. The earth walls of the holes will serve as the concrete form except for the top foot or so where i will use a sonotube or quick form. Thus, I'm not looking for a professional finish such as a basement or garage floor...I'm just concerned about strength.

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Just do them one or two at a time.

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If I have the math right each column would be .05 cu yards which works out to 3 60# bags per hole. Why bother mixing the stuff up yourself, just buy the mix and be done with it. A bag is something like $3.50 at Home Depot.

Rent a mixer to go with it. It will be a LOT easier than doing it yourself.

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I agree. Spend a few more bucks and save your back and your marriage.

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