I'm so confused...

gzeeFebruary 25, 2009

well...I have been researching single mom sites-forums mostly for several reasons-one is the large search engines encourage you to sign up on the ones that pertain to your subject because this is the "proper" way to attract ppl to your site too-the logic is the web is a very massive place and if sites would ( and do) link up to each other it only increases traffic for both-win win-so I read on google search and others- but I'm finding if I do take that approach I am "spamming" and breaking the "web law" if you will, on some sites-not on all but some-I don't want to spam at all- I just have found alot of single moms are looking for a place to be able to talk about this in depth and don't feel comfortable on the site they are on-because there are alot of other subjects going on and they post things like-"this is not a place I can post this"...or "if I knew of a site that"...etc etc...I have googled and yahooed myself to being very confused on what the major search engines tell you to do and the issue other sites have with it-from what I've been reading ppl join several forums at a time-they are as popular as a Starbucks at 7am:) can you shed any light on this? Thanks so much :)

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I'm confused too Gzee. What are you asking?

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LOL- I went on and on and didn't ask my question-lol-maybe I need a coffee break :) My question is-if I talk about my site or my forum here will I be banned or upset people? I just hate if it I upset people...but it's about emotional support for we single moms-so it's from the heart

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Send a message to the forum moderators and ask:


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gzee,I'd like to know about it! :)

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