Need kitchen layout advice

thisishishouseMay 5, 2014

I need peoples thoughts and experienced opinions on what would be a good layout for our new kitchen.

We just learned that the layout we'd planned and spent weeks designing will probably not work because of the placement of a structural beam.

This is the original: We preferred the cooktop on the peninsula because it'd provide us with a view of the rooms and outdoors beyond. Plus when we entertain, we cook and have conversation with people, which has been difficult facing a wall. But there's a venting problem. The end of an above vent run is blocked by a beam. And I hear undermounts are expensive, ineffective, and eat up a lot of cabinet space.

One suggestion was to swap the sink and the cooktop. I've seen plenty of pix of sinks on islands and peninsulas. That would be okay, but I see 2 issues. First, I think the sink in the middle of the peninsula spoils the usability of the space. Second, but minor, is that looking into the kitchen you end up seeing a faucet sticking up like a periscope. Just not accustomed to it I guess.

Another idea is to put everything on the wall and leave the peninsula free. This might be too tight. If there one benefit to this tight arrangement, it's that I think I end up with fewer upper cabinets, which means lower cost.

If it helps to know, to the right of the image is a large family room, and to the top is a bump out for an eating area. Large windows, lots of light, views.

Would love to hear peoples thoughts and solutions.

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If you get rid of the angle and have the peninsula straight with a right angle (an L) would that eliminate the problem of the beam/vent conflict?

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Christina: thanks for the quick reply. The venting problem with the peninsula is at the other end of the run. From that peninsula, it's about a 10-12' to an outside wall (towards the top of that pic). There's a big structural beam blocking that outside wall up top. We could go under with a pop-up downdraft, but everything I've read here for years says they don't work well.

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What are your options to vent? East, west, south or UP (roof)?
I am assuming west works, but only if you are on that wall?
Joists assumed to run north/south? this info would help.

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bakerboy: Joists are running N/S orientation in those pix. Can't go E or S from the kit. I was told we could go N but only under the floor. Behind the W wall is pantry & laundry. I was told we could also go over the W wall then S to get outside.

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I think in your last photo you are going to be too cramped in that corner. It is best practice to have the trash on the left and the DW on the right, which usually works best from a efficeincy standpoint. The only way I see the range working on the island, with a more substantial hood, would be to design in a column(s) that could house the duct to go under the floor and head north. The downside is all the turns/elbows and thus more blower capacity to make it all work, AND the columns in the design, which you may not like. There are always compromises :)

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