Air vent Pipe U joint in attic leaking

daviea_2008September 14, 2008

Woke up this AM after Ike passed here in Joplin, Mo to find water spot on ceiling. Went up and found the U joint from the master bathroom white vent pipe is leaking.The roof under is dry. Only water at joint and below on base where joint sets. Looks like water came in through pipe from roof after torrential rain. Pipe is not covered. How do I seal the U joint in attic and should the vent pipe be covered/hooded with air vent cover? I have another one from the second bathroom with no problem and that vent pipe is larger diameter. Note: I see the neighborhood homes do not have vented covers on white air vent pipes. Only the metal heat vents are covered. Thanks in advance.

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Plumbing vents are rarely if ever sheltered. The vent section of the plumbing stack is just as water tight as the waste part, or it's supposed to be.
What is this,"U" joint you're speaking about? Is this a trap?
Posting a picture would help.

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I should say elbow fitting not U joint. Sorry for the confusion. It is not a trap.

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