What kind of gutter system is this? (photo)

newhomeowner-2009September 15, 2009

Hi guys. I'm transplanting this from the tail end of another msg. thread about gutter leaf control devices. It looks like a cheap $2 strainer, available by mail order, will do the trick. But it says it is for a "5 inch K Style gutter system."

I've got an older home in the Catskills with a conventional looking gutter system. A photo below. Does this look like a 5 inch K style gutter system? I need to know before I order this by mail.

This photo doesn't show the actual gutter that I need the downspout cover for, but all my gutters are the same. Thanks.

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Looks like 5 inch K style.

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Thanks. I'm still in the city so I couldn't measure it. But I see they sell the strainer in Home Depot, so I don't have to get it by mail and can easily return if it is the wrong size.

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