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bcurreyMarch 27, 2009

Hello. I'm going to surprise my wife with the SE-270D Brother embroidery/sewing machine. It's the one with the Disney stuff on it.

I have ZERO knowledge of sewing machines and have spent the last hour trying to read up on them, and haven't really gotten anywhere.

I know with the 270D you can download and transfer additional designs and fonts. Do I have to buy the PED basic or the Amazing Box in order to get them from the computer to the SM? Does the sewing machine have a USB port and if it does, can I just transfer them with a flash drive? If a flash drive isn't an option, which converter/reader should I get. She isn't going to get into designing patterns, so I'd just like something basic.

Appreciate your help and for saving me a lot of time and frustration!!! :)


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If she doesn't have some type of editing software like PE design, Embird, etc she won't be able edit designs, type names etc on the computer she'll have to do it on the machine which is a pain.

What is the largest hoop this machine comes with? 4X4 or 5X7? Has your wife expressed interest in this particular machine? The reason I ask is, you are very limited in what you can do with a 4X4 field. I applaud you for wanting to get your wife a machine. Maybe you can give her a "gift certificate" of sorts and let her go to a dealer and try out some machines. Not trying to rain on your parade, but my husband doesn't want me picking out his new saw/drill, etc and I don't want him picking out my sewing machine.

I bought a top of the line used machine 3 years ago for the same amt of money that a new cheaper model would have been. I've never regretted buying the used machine. It does so much more that a "new" one in my price range would have done.

Good Luck,

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I did a quick google search and it only has the 4X4 field. You may want to check with a dealer for a used ULT model with the built in disney designs.

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Its best to let her pick it out or at least have her lead you in the right direction.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nomads Hoard Fabric Store

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Please, let her go with you to pick out the machine she is wanting. A sewing machine is sort of a personal item for us that sew. What a wonderful husband you are. Good Luck !!!!

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If you haven't already purchased this machine, let me suggest you check into the Brother SE-350. It's a newer model, and has a regular threading system,. The 270D has a threading cassette, which did NOT garner very good reviews. It can be frustrating, as the threading cassette is prone to malfunctions.
The SE 350 is basically the same machine, but more trouble free, and newer model. You can get it on Ebay for anywhere from $199 to $350 or at WallyWorld for about $379.

Another option is the HE-240 and it's the same exact machine as se-350 but it has a built in USB port so no need for PED Basic. A good deal at HSN for $499 or I have seen them for less on Ebay. I had this machine before I upgraded and it was great. A perfect machine for a beginner.

To answer your original question, Yes, you will need the PED basic or a Box to transfer and download designs on the 270D, it doesn't have a USB. I got PED Basic from Ken's on Ebay for about $119.

Good luck, and you're a very nice husband buying her an embroidery machine!!

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