Bayareafrancy.......If you DH ever complains

budsterMarch 1, 2009

about the amount of cash involved with your sewing.......a great comeback I heard today was "Just think of the skills I am perfecting and what it will save us later on." This was in Walmart when a young mom was purchasing a $200.00 machine and some flannel for a soon to be new arrival. I thought how clever...she was thinking ahead. You didn't even have to buy a machine (your own Budster! LOL), next time your son's pants need a patch or a seam rips in a coat, that all saves having to get a replacement. I'm not saying your DH would complain.......mine never has other than the roll of the eyes as more fabric comes in the door, he has said "I'm sure glad you can sew!" ....especially when I've repaired something for him.

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Oh--I think my husband would stare at me with incredulity if I tried that. You see, I kind of have a history of spending money purportedly to save money in the future (like various pieces of home exercise equipment to save money on costly gym membership).

I'm best off laying low, hiding my recipts, and denying everything!



francy, who needs to go buy all that bias tape today so she can finish her first $40 apron (then she can do the other $40 apron that she bought materials for).

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