In So. California, where does the 55 and over go dancing?

eloise_caFebruary 28, 2006

Anyone know of good places for the 55 and over crowd to go dancing in southern California besides the Days Inn in Glendale, Sportman's Lodge, and Elks Club in Canoga Park? I hope there are other places that just haven't surfaced yet, and not that we are expected to be sitting in a rocking chair and not out dancing, LOL! Thanks.

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Carrie B

Eloise - I have no idea. I'm under 55 and live on the wrong coast. But...I once joined a square dancing club for lessons. A friend of mine was just elected board chair of the club, and thought I'd have fun with it. She and her partner had been square dancing for many years.

It was a gay & lesbian square dancing group, and I am a woman who has a boyfriend now and had a boyfriend then. But that never stopped me from having fun! The people were all different ages - from about 18 to 75 - and all different backgrounds. Even a married couple and a heterosexual crossdressing man danced.

The people were so patient and fun to be around and accepting. It really was fun.

Now, I'm not telling you that you should go looking for gay square dancers, but if you find an accepting, open dance group, perhaps the "over 55" requirement won't be so important.

Good luck!

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Thanks for your suggestion carrieb. I should have been more specific. My friends and myself are looking for dancing places where there is a mixture of music, e.g., rock, salsa, jazz, and some line-dancing (for one of my friends that likes this type of dancing), AND straight men!

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I once went to a hotel out on St. Petersburg beach - they had an over 40's singles group that would go every month to go dancing. Maybe there's a singles group on your coast that would do the same?


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