Leaking Chimney Flue

johnboy70_99September 15, 2013

My house was built in 1999, I bought it 3 years ago.

The upstairs furnace vents through the roof, and there are two problems.

1) When they built the house, they did not line up the flashing with the opening they cut so water was coming in around the outside of the flashing. I flashed a little more around it when I bought the house and it seemed to have stopped the problem. I was figuring that when I get the roof redone in 5-10 years I would have it fixed for good.

2) Now it has started to leak around the outside of the pipe, between the flashing and the pipe. I need to have it fixed by a professional.

Who do I call to fix (2) - a roofer or the guy that works on my furnace? Are the problems related and should I just have the whole thing replaced now to permanently fix (1)?

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We've had a lot of roofing and furnace fixing this past year, including flashing, hole cuts for external blower, and slate replacement.

My two cents, I'd call a reputable roofer for what you describe as they will be able to pull of the section and really work on a more permanent fix. Wild that the hole size is not lined up. Might want to get 2 to 3 estimates so you can check them out, get references as well as balanced regional quotes. The HVAC person might need to add a SS liner to snug the chimney and decrease water condensation from furnace byproduct. Might want to check that too. Nows a good time before the snow/rain.

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