Expecting a Blizzard

emmaFebruary 25, 2013

We just had 14 inches of snow last week which was the worst we have had since 1964 and a more serious storm is suppose to hit NOW. It is already slushy out, had to walk carefully to get the paper. There was a photo in the morning paper showing the bread shelves totally empty it's entire length. I emailed my Sis and told her I was prepared, I have cookies, milk and cereal, I can endure anything now. During the last storm I had no cookies, so she emailed me some biscotti. That didn't work to well. LOL Here is a photo of what I have been doing the last couple of days. It was a lot of fun which doesn't say much for my life.

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i'm hoping so...i've only seen a few flakes so far. and
it was around 4pm..i've been praying for snow. i like to
make snow ice cream.. the last snow we had a few months back - i used a whole gallon of milk like in a day & half..
sooo good and then i started using the snow like sonic
ice in drinks...let me tell u it's tasty...
it's 5:30 here now and i have my curtains open in one window and it looks real windy - but that's all.
how bout where ur at ?? i live in north texas and i'm still
praying for snow...

what i would do is go outside w/a big sonic cup and scoop it up full then come in and add vanilla, milk, choc. syrup, and sometimes i added malt or breakfast essestials in the packets - really just what i had on hand - must have the choc. sugar-free ice cream syrup / strawberry ( whatever is good for the taste buds) and get a spoon & get it on!!
i didn't put ANY sugar in it...YES
let me know ur weather conditions, plz

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Hi Ski, I live in south central Kansas, raised in Okla. We had some beautiful snow this afternoon, started with huge flakes and a little wind and ended with small ones blowing in a strong wind from the east. I don't know if it is over or not but looks like it. I like snow, it takes me back to the school days, watching it snow and wanting to go outside sooo bad.

We had snow ice cream when we were children, but I have never made it.

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why haven't u made snow ice cream ??
do u like ice cream ? it's my passion...
really my weakness....
hope ur enjoying the weather....
do u watch movies on line ? free movies
that's the main reason i finally decided to get a puter...
thanks for ur reply. love ya

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I love ice cream but prefer homemade or from the store. I really don't remember what the snow ice cream tastes like.

About the weather, not sure this is something to be enjoyed. It has changed drastically since I posted the original post. It is raining/sleeting, not sure what it is. Our home owners association just spent $3,000. to have the last snow removed from the street, driveways and sidewalks, now more snow.

Movies, books, computers and games are my hobbies. I had my cable TV canceled and buy movies instead. I have almost 400 movies and the same amount of books. I also play video games and work jigsaw puzzles like the picture. I watch movies from my recliner by the picture window so I can see the birds at the feeder. I can watch good movies and read good books more than once. I have watched 2 movies today as I work my puzzles. When I get lonely or have cabin fever I go shopping.

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what movies did u watch ?? i've seen argo,django unchained, lincoln,& the last stand...they were good & i
love thrillers..i watched a good doc. early this morning bout jfk that i've never seen before and it was a mind blower...
and another one this afternoon on how we are controlled by corrupt mass media...are u interested in that type stuff?
...i watch most of my movies on movie-forumz.tv..u log in
everytime & can watch all the new movies out..some are cams, but most are very good for free, anyway..try it
sometime and see what u think,ok?
btw....my snow ice cream is homemade, lol..
here's another site u might like:
gotta go and watch a movie now, catch u tomorrow/sometime,ok?
where in okla.? i was born in frederick,okla. bye

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I like a wide variety of movies, usually movies that make me feel good. It's easier to tell you what I don't like, movies with young giggling blondes, troubled teens, sad endings. I like movies with good stories like The Note. I have old ones like Mrs Minivere, Three Came Home with Claudette Colbert, National Treasures. I like the love scenes in older movies, they look like love not lust. Violence in movies like The Rock are ok. Medicine Man....the list goes on and on. I do not like a lot of sexual scenes. I buy a lot of the series also. I have all of Stargate, Starwars, Reba, NCIS. I think my favorite Movie of all times is Avatar because is it fresh, different and wonderful. I also like the bonus features on the movies, telling how the movie was made.

Checotah, Ok

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Like I said, Emma - come visit me! No snow, lots to do, friendly folks - we would love to meet you!

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Thanks but I am a loner, just like my Mom was. It is easier. I just need to get off my B*** and go somewhere for a few days. As soon as it warms up I will go to The Osage State Park in OK and spend a few days there, walk in the woods and do a little bird watching.

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