How to remove a kitchen drawer??

onthegoSeptember 12, 2010

I have a 'stuck' kitchen drawer....there is a knife (in the wrong place) in a 2-tiered wood knife holder and is stopping the drawer opening, except for 1" at front..not enough to get a hand in. The knife is located about 4-5" in from the front. Even if I had a tool that could reach it, there is no room for maneuvering it out of the slot. No access from back or sides either. I'm thinking the only thing to do is remove the hardware that it 'slides' on...but looking at it, can't even see where it screws together, so it could be that the drawer must be out in order to get to the screws for the sliding mechanism. The cabinet shop I bought these Kitchencraft cabinets (frameless) is closed Sundays, but guess I'll start there to see if they can give me any advice. The Kitchencraft website is no help. I'm hoping someone has a suggestion on how to get myself out of this dilemma without having to destroy a beautiful drawer! BTW, the front of the drawer can't be taken off either as it unbolts from the inside which is inaccessible now but wouldn't provide enough space to get hand in I don't believe. Hope to get some replies....thanks so much.

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Use a coat hanger or other stiff wire. Bend in a slow curve. On one end, bend a 90 deg angle about 2 in. long. Insert the 90 into the drawer. Feel the obstruction. Partially close the drawer to remove the pressure. Pull the wire toward you until you feel the obs. and try to open the drawer. Adjust bends as necessary and repeat. repeat. repeat. Good luck. Dave

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Dave..thank you so much for responding to my plead for help!! Your idea is right on....after lots of tries it worked! Don't want to go through all this again, so will be moving my knives or buying one of those countertop holders! Again...thanks for helping out.

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