Craftsman Garage Door Light bulb flickers when opening/closing

flyingcheesesSeptember 6, 2008

I have a Craftsman 1/2 hp. I have noticed that when I open and close the garage door that the light bulb flickers and then will go off. Does this mean that my light bulb is getting ready to go or is there something wrong with the unit. It just started doing this in the last few days. We haven't had any storms or anything.

Thanks for your help

P.S. Was posted in another thread but it had reached it's limit so I started a new one.

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sounds liek the bulb is bad/loose in teh socket/or a loose wire in teh opener to the socket. check to see if it is tight first, if it is, then chang ebulbs and see if another does it. if the new bulb does it then open the opener and check the wiring. unplug the unit FIRST!

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You might try unplugging the unit, removing the light bulb and pulling out on the center contact in the socket. This sometimes gets bent down and doesn't make good contact.

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Thanks for the information. Turns out it was just a loose bulb. As soon as I touched it, the light came on. I tightened it and it is fine. Weird that the bulb would suddenly be loose after 5 years though. I haven't changed it or anything.

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