Eye Candy -- Summery Outdoor Showers

teacatsJuly 14, 2014

Here's a selection of photos of wonderful outdoor showers .... from Pinterest ...

.... just thought I'd share ..... it is SO hot hereabouts today! Hoping for a change and rain .......

Enjoy! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Pinterest -- Outdoor Showers

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Thanks for this, teacats. I have an outdoor shower, and I use it exclusively up until I have to turn it off for the winter. It's a walk-in. In other words, the walls wind so that there is privacy but no need for a door.

What I've noticed about outdoor showers is that people either love them and use them exclusively, or want nothing to do with them. Showering under the stars, with a flashlight, is awesome, and when the temperature drops, the steam from the hot water hitting the cool air billows up and has a wonderful effect.

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I used to enjoy the outside shower at my uncle's place in Cape Cod. A younger cousin was afraid the planes could see her, from that distance and through the nearby trees. Another cousin was afraid someone would walk in on her and would make a younger sibling sit in the changing area right outside the shower. I'd guess they don't have the same fond memories of it that I do.

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Here's our outdoor shower created with fence and gate materials. We have a sunken hot tub next to it.

It's been fantastic for people to shower after swimming in the lake and hanging at the beach.

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We have a hand sprayer on one side and on the other is a bench and a bunch of hooks.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Here's our outdoor shower. I use it more than DH does. I use it when it's hot. It feels so wonderful, so different to shower outdoors vs. indoors. But I'm not so devoted to it that I won't shower indoors in the summer too. A number of my friends are totally weirded out by it as it's completely open on 2 sides. It's private, but they keep imagining these crazy "what if" scenarios...my attitude is, so someone sees me naked. But no one comes around the back, no one belongs coming around the back and the geese don't mind seeing me in the buff.

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Love those showers, Annie and Jujubean! Your two are nicer than the ones in the link!

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Ohhhh, I LOVE those showers! One Summer we rented a beach house on Cape Hatteras that had a great outdoor shower and I've been dreaming about one of my own ever since. Thanks for the lovely eye candy, Teacats!

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Lynn, they tend to be very easy to install! Go for it!

I looooooove mine. I'm not home, so I can't take a pic. I had to build new walls when I got the house. The plumbing was already there. I also had to put a floor in. We designed it so that it was a walk-in so there'd be no moving parts, i.e.: a door, as they can have problems over time due to weather. Although, in NM, you'd probably have less of a problem with that!

If you have any plumbing on an outside wall, you can easily install an outdoor shower. They're totally worth it, IMO.

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I would love this for the kids. Not just for the pool but the sand! we have a sand box and that sand can really get everywhere.

I wonder what DH would think :)

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Mine is a garden hose hanging over two tall fence panels on a concrete slab, primitive but works.

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My son owns a contracting company in Southern CA. He recently built this indoor/outdoor bathroom for a client. It has glass accordion doors to close it off in the winter. I hope their next project is better landscaping!

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