RE: Defective CertainTeed roof shingles/shangles

maraj64September 19, 2011

Seen the other thread & many posts regarding the bad CertainTeed shingles, but limit was reached on # of replies so it said to start a new thread. Here goes....

I bought my house 3 yrs. ago. The shingles were beginning to curl at that time. Since then, it's gotten much worse so I'm currently in the stage of replacing them. Found out just last week the shingles are only 12 yrs. old. When I called for dumpster estimates, I mentioned the bad shingles not being very old. The lady told me of the CertainTeed brand being bad. Longer story short, I'm now hoping to get all the paperwork, pictures & shingle sent to CertainTeed by the Oct. 2, 2011 claim deadline, & hoping to get some reimbursement to help w/the cost of replacing them.

I've no idea if the current shingles are "organic" or not. Doesn't matter cuz crap is crap, & the current shingles on my roof are obviously crap! And I will definitely NOT be using CertainTeed shingles this time around, which shouldn't be too much of a problem since the building supply shops around here don't seem to be carrying the CT brand anymore.

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best of luck.

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Are you sure they are defective as "The shingles were beginning to curl at that time" quite often means their is inadequate ventilation.

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Our Certainteed shingles were originally installed in 1996. By 2009 they were curling, pitted and we were getting excessive gritty material in our gutters. In Aug. '09 we submitted all of the paperwork along with the shingle, and sent it return receipt. Receipt never showed up but postmaster confirmed it was delivered. He said he'd sent in a lot of forms and shingles and Certainteed likely wouldn't return the form till they actually opened our package. We never did get the return receipt portion back and we'd all but given up on getting anything. But about 6 months later we got a check for around $1250 if I remember right. Our new shingles are being installed as I write this. This time we're going with Decra steel shingles. Of course the cost of the new shingles far, far, FAR exceed the Certainteed settlement, but at least we got something. Good luck!

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Roof Shingle warranties are prorated so that the older the roof the less they have to pay

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It would also depend if there are more than one layer of roofing - which would void the warranty

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Roofing companies have seen just about any type of problem with roofing. be it installation errors, product failure you name it. So that being the case they also know every trick imaginable to get their company out of a warranty claim so it will be very tough to get them to warrant the product especially after 12 yrs and if you do be get a claim approved be prepared for it to be approx 20% of the cost of the product.

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