Would this table work?

naturepersonMarch 19, 2008

New to sewing and want to know if this table would be sturdy and stable enough to sew at without wobbling when sewing. What

do you think?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It does look sturdy enough. My only concern is that you need a comfortable chair at the right height or you are going to have a sore back and shoulders. You will also need good lighting.
Have fun with your new hobby!

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Thanks, msmarion. Should the table be a certain height? This one is about 30 inches high.

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That looks like the exact table that I use...it works well and I use a chair from my dining room table...or my disk chair...

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I really like mine because as you can see, I have boxes on the back side of the table and it keeps all my stuff at my fingertips...I have the table junked up at the moment because the cleaning ladies are here and I moved some stuff off of the desk and floor to the sewing table.

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Chair height is important with any table and has to be dealt with on an individual basis. I'm a short person with average proportions (neither short nor long waisted). I've found that a youth size adjustable height desk chair works best for me. I don't like the backs when I'm working at the sewing machine, so I just don't install that when I put the chair together. I have several in my studio so that I don't have to move my chair when I change machines.


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I have an 8' one like that for my cutting table.DH made risers for it to make it higher and easier on my back.I also keep my serger on one end of it,so i have to get up when i need to serge,thus i'm not sitting too long.I have my room set up so i have to get up to iron,use the serger etc.

Ruthie,just being nosey,but what kind of machines and serger do you have??

Newtosewing.Good luck with your projects and let us know how you are doing.

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My serger is a white ATS2000 that I've had for a long time...maybe 8 years...but it's a powerhouse...My main machine is the one in the middle and it is a kenmore Special Edition...I think it was a anniversary or something that they made this machine...and the one on the end is a Bernina...not one of the big fancy ones just a regular stitch...I use it for heavy weights and vinyl...when I sew...I sit in front of the machine and I angle the serger toward me and all I have to do is turn to use it without getting up or moving..

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