What kind of Scrapbooking do you do?

adellabedella_usaMay 30, 2002

Do you do the scrapbook pages with themes, sayings, moveable flaps, and other cute stuff? Or do you do more of an enhanced photo album? I'm curious what others do.

I do more of an enhanced photo album and keep my pages fairly simple for the most part. I usually have about 3 pictures on a page (8 1/2 x 11 page size). There may or may not be a contrasting color "frame" around my pictures. I may add a few stickers or artwork to the page. I don't do very much journaling other than to make sure that I get the person's name and date someplace on the page. I'm not really into the fancy layouts that are out there unless I have a picture that is one of my favorites because I see the one picture to a page as a waste of space since I'm doing more of a traditional photo album than a scrapbook.

Do you get really fancy with your pages and create masterpieces? Or are you justtrying to preserve your pictures for the future generations?

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I do some of both. I am working on my beloved DGS's book. When I & DH took him to the fair, and took pics, I made the lay outs colorful, added diecuts of animals and had stickers. Some pages are photos with matting and a few stickers. But I also use die cuts. I am working on a layout in which I am using eyelets. DGS's scrapbook is more a tribute to him, my love for him, I guess, as well as about his life.

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I guess it depends on what the pics are about. Some may be a border with a few stickers or some might be from a layout from a book. I use to use alot of diecuts and now I'm more of a sticker scrapper.

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I just found this forum today...have decided to do some scrapbooking. I've saved loose clippings of things in frozen pizza boxes, decorated with collages, but I think I'd prefer to make more organized books.

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Welcome! This forum isn't very active, do you have friends you can invite over?
I love scrapbooking, it is so relaxing to me! I find it easier and more relaxing to go to my local scrapbook store (LSS) and scrap, unless I am home alone.


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Thanks, Diane, and no, it's just me and my scrapbook...

I have 'scrapper's block' or something right now, I'm trying to decide what I want to add to my pages.

For me, it's a way to stop fooling around with web pages! I think paper is more creative than the screen, anyway!

I see in your bio that you make laundry soap...I've recently made a dishwasher 'soap' that I like. It's posted at my recipe site...I love homemade products, especially since they don't bother my sinuses as much as commercial products.

Hey, maybe I'll check out the Kitchen Table forum, too, and see what that is...

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