Clear, Slip Resistant Sealer Over Painted Asphalt?

sereneSeptember 27, 2008

My Girl Scout troop is doing a service project for our school. Well, we're trying to anyway! The school would like us to put some sort of clear, slip resistant sealer over a map that's painted on the asphalt playground. Currently, it gets very slippery when wet. My co-leader went to Home Depot but the people there were unable to suggest anything. I think the problem is that the asphalt has been painted so maybe normal driveway sealant wouldn't penetrate? Also, the coating needs to be clear so that the map can still be seen.

Just checking to see if anyone might have any suggestions. My Googling hasn't been able to come up with anything.

Thanks for any help.

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Use an acrylic sealer, broadcast an aggregate into it, and reseal over the top. This should work but it will make the image a little fuzzy. Probably not a deal breaker.

Try a sample on one edge and see how it works. There is an additive available called Shark Grip - it is fairly translucent.

Downside is that it will barely last thru a school year before it needs to be powerwashed off and done again.

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