How to get husband to repair things.....

krissie55September 13, 2011

Wives, do you have a problem getting your husband to repair things around the house? If so, give this a try.

Open the telephone book to page for repairing the item that needs fixed. Leave telephone book open on dining table and see what happens!! The thought of wife paying for repairs gets to some hubby's pocketbook and shortly they will be about the task of finding out what the problem is.

Without another word I did this last night just before bedtime and this morning DH is in process of checking out the living room drapery rod with large pinch pleated drapes. No way do I have strength to close the drape even with my weight being used to help pull the chord. Hubby has the strength to force drape closed. He kept telling me nothing was wrong with the drapery rod!!! Hmmmmm......the thought of wife spending money to have it fixed got him moving!

Result, some of the plastic parts are worn out and no way to replace. Need to replace the rod.

Normally I would would be the one finding the problem, however, I am recuperating from major shoulder surgery and cannot do so. Then hubby would get the job of repairing.

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Where is the forum for asking how to get the wife to clean things?

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That is a great question!! Many men are wondering the same thing and rightly so.

I have always been the jack of all trades around here, inside, outside, kept yard mowed/watered, washed all cars, shopping, errands, and etc. When hubby retired I retired too and told him half of the work would be his, well, I am still waiting for an even split!!

I have always kept the house clean and food on the table. Hubby can't complain around here! I have been doing this for 56 years.

Remember too, depending on age of your wife, she may have fallen in the time frame where parents failed to teach kids work ethics. If children (boys & girls) are not taught work ethics at an early age they will not suddenly acquire the desire/skill overnight later in life.

If your wife works, split chores between the two of you and work together. It is not fair for women to work, do all the child care, housecleaning up to par, and still be a wife at end of day. It is not right in the reverse either.

Try posting your question on the "cleaning" forum and see what response you will get!

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On the other hand, maybe the guys should take Krisse's approach...get a business card or brochure from Merry Maids" and leave that lying on the kitchen table...LOL

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Even split? I think I would settle for 90:10 :-(

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"How to get husband to repair things....." Is this 1950? "Get" Geez... You go on the internet and go to YouTube and GardenWeb learn how to DIY it yourself. And then you teach your children, daughters and sons, everything you just learned so they don't end up so stereotypically helpless in the face of simple home repairs.

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I don't think my better half has the problem you describe---see my name. :-)

(I also do the vacuuming---and I do windows.)

Some people(of both genders) have NO business doing many DIY home repairs---that very reason is precisely why I had a handyman/remodeling company. To fix what they 'repaired'. ;_)

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krissie, great post, gave me a good laugh looking at the replies! But, really, do you have to resort to trickery to get DH to do things? Why not just ask him? And, as said, what about "equality" and all - DoItYourself! Why is it DH's responsibility?

I wonder what would happen if I left the phone book open to "Betty-Lou's Escort Service", one night??

handymac, I hope they don't need a remodeling company to hang a curtain rod!

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Loose Screw,

Yes, I do. When asking does not work I do resort to threatening to hit the pocketbook!!!!

I am a very self-sufficient person and do whatever needs to be done, however, I am recovering from major shoulder surgery, arm is in sling and cannot use. It is difficult to do much with only one hand these days. The thought of living in a 6'x6' fish bowl at night with drapes open required a boost for help. Using one hand and full body weight the chord would not move the drapes. DH had looked at the rod and decided it did not need fixing before I opened the phone book. Normally I would be the one repairing drapery rods.

When all else fails, open phone book to escort services and see what happens!!! It could be a wake up call for your wife or it could split your marriage. I think this one might be a little more risky than drapery rod repair!! Better have a backup plan if you decide to do this, you will need it!

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I just read the answers(mine included) to my wife.

Her response?

Call Merry Maids---I'll pay them!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tell your wife to choose house cleaners very carefully because some will appear to be cleaning and really are not. Happened to me and the ones I hired came highly recommended by friends.

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Do tell Krissie
Did the house cleaners clean the husband?

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Not a chance, I was here, besides I hired a married couple!!

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A wife asks her husband to whisper three dirty things in her ear. The husband says, softly: "Living room, kitchen, bathroom."

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A guy is walking through the red light district and a lady of the evening approaches him and says "I'll do anything you want for $1000". He says "anything?". she replies "yes, anything you want." He says "Deal. Here's my address, paint my house."

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