Help Identify my machine! Please!

elieaMarch 20, 2008

Hi everyone! I have a vintage sewing machine that my hubby and I are struggling to identify. I have taken lots of pictures and have them on my flickr and Photo-bucket.

I have lots more.

The frustration is we've tried looking under the different "logo" names and found nothing. My husband and I are at a loss. I really need to get a manual and have this machine fixed but I want to know what it can do before I get it fixed. If it's not worth it than I won't. How ever everything inside is metal and the thing weights a ton. It was not really well cared for by it's previous owner thus the issues it has now.

Any ideas? I really appreciate it

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I'd take it to the local repair man. He should be able to identify it for you. Good luck with it.

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That looks pretty much like the Singer I used in high school 30 some odd years ago! I think it's a "Singer Clone" from the early 70's. I did a google search for DeLuxe sewing machine from Japan and found little information. With it's all metal parts, I would guess it's a workhorse and would probably be worth the cost of a good cleaning and adjustment.

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You might want to try joining the yahoo group "wefixit" for a few days and ask them about it. It's a group of sewing machine collectors and many members are professional sewing machine repairmen/women. I think that they would be able to give you a positive ID and might be able to help you troubleshoot the problems yourself.


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I'm thinking it's a 60's Kenmore or Janome because my Kenmore was the same color combination.

You also have a knob missing on the left hand side of the stitch selector. There is also a lot of rust on it so this will be a labor of love to restore.

Look on the back or the side of the machine by the motor. There should be a maker and model number imprinted in the metal. If this is a foreign model, the electrical info for watts and ohm will be different.

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